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"Someone called for an angry mob... Yes, that's us..."
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A group of people, numbering anything from 20 to 1000, who rent themselves out to anyone (companies, religious nuts, the government...) for a certain amount per hour.

They will:

Wave pitchforks about in a threatening manner; Chant slogans; March up and down; Carry torches (real firey torches); Sign petitions.

Whatever you want to get angry about, Hire-a-Mob will cater for you. Need a hundred tall men to shout angry slogans about new Maximum-Height Restriction laws? That'll be £500 for half an hour, £50 extra if you want pitchforks and torches.

Mr Phase, Feb 12 2006


       and would the last part of the idea be a higher-mob? +
xenzag, Feb 12 2006

       Brilliant. When can this be up and running? There are a few people I want to scare...
dbmag9, Feb 12 2006

       The signing petitions part sounds like out and out blackmail.
hidden truths, Feb 12 2006

       It's not blackmail [truths], more like simple bribery - you're paying the mob to sign your petetion.   

       And, despite the disturbing similarity of the linked idea, I claim innocence and ignorance. Delete my idea if you want , I don't mind - my only protest would be that the link is clearly tongue-in-cheek, whereas I am deadly serious.
Mr Phase, Feb 12 2006

       [marked–for-deletion] not original
hippo, Feb 12 2006

       Bribery, that was the one I meant. Point well made.
hidden truths, Feb 12 2006

       This is probably being done at low levels already. What is the term, "agent provocateur"?   

       I saw a book about Jakarta that included photos of several different demonstrations that featured the same guy in each of them. He always had the same shirt and the same dental problem, and liked to be near the front of the crowd. The book's editor pointed him out, but didn't know who he was.
baconbrain, Feb 12 2006

       I here it was Kilroy.   

       Would the second step be making sure there was some guy wearing a rainbow Afro wig and a t-shirt reading "John 3:16" right up front?
Canuck, Feb 13 2006


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