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Cable-Car wrestling

Expansion of Mickey the Fish's Bus Snooker.
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Similar concept to Mickey the Fish's Bus Snooker, except wrestling is the game and it's played in a large cable-car. The cable-car would be as big as a wrestling ring and supported by as flexible cable as possible to allow for extra movement of the cable-car.

The rules are the same as for normal american wrestling but the wrestlers will need to pussy-foot around more so that the cable-car doesn't fall off of the cable. Unlike normal wrestling matches, violence will be real, rather than acted. Bonus points will be awarded if the car is rocked more than 45 degrees either way, without falling off the cable.

The watching audience will be allowed to stop and start and speedup and slowdown the cable car throughout the match, via a voting based lever system.

ccaamgw, Jul 19 2000

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Snooker played on a moving bus [ccaamgw, Jul 19 2000]

Bus Snooker http://www.halfbake.../idea/Bus_20Snooker
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       What next? Drag-racing Tai Chi?
hippo, Jul 19 2000

       Great idea, but the contest shoud take place on top of the car, for added excitement. (Have you seen 'Where Eagles Dare?).   

       A good venue for this would be the cable car to Dursey Island in west Cork. The loser should avoid serious injury, as he would merely plummet 200 feet into the churning waters below, and could swim ignominiously to the shore, to the jeers of the crowd.
Mickey the Fish, Aug 15 2000

       <giggles at Tai-Chi drag racing...bigass dragsters going at 1 mph ...>
StarChaser, Aug 17 2000

       Last one across the finish line wins!
arghblah, Apr 19 2001


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