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Calendar scarf/tie

Need to check an appointment?
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Every so often, I have to schedule a meeting/make an appointment when I don't have access to a calendar (or phone with calendar). And then, when I get back to where I do have access, I've forgotten the details. If only I had a calendar that I would have with me all the time...

So, in the winter, I'll wear my calendar scarf - nice and cosy, with discrete and tasteful day/week/month markings. It comes with a pocket-full of write-on-able velcro "appointment" notes, so I can stick a note on the appropriate day - in various colours for different types of appointment.

The tie is for summer or work/more formal occasions - calendar discretely on the reverse side.

Frankx, Oct 15 2019


       Socks might be more private.
po, Oct 17 2019

       //socks//... hmm true. Pants too. But I can see some practical issues with getting them out/off to note an appointment.
Frankx, Oct 17 2019

       Smart Watch.
blissmiss, Oct 18 2019

       Well, smart clothing is a Thing.   

       // I can see some practical issues with getting them out/off to note an appointment. //   

       That depends where on your anatomy you wear the sock, shirley ?
8th of 7, Oct 18 2019

po, Oct 19 2019


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