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Beating for You

It knows all about you, and waits in anticipation. In your pants.
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This is a leather cover for a smartphone, about 3mm thick. The stiff leather contains a thin 1mm thick battery as well as an 0.5mm thick inductive charging coil, embedded in the back cover.

On the front cover, there is a small raised bump that conceals a 2mm C1020B008F1 coin vibration motor.

Whenever it senses movement, it sends a small charge out a heating coil in the cover to gently warm the leather and taps out a 200bpm beat in its little heart.

This will give you something to hold while you are waiting for the bus on a cold day.

mylodon, Sep 27 2016

Thin battery http://www.powerstr...hin-lithium-ion.htm
[mylodon, Sep 27 2016]

Thin inductive coil http://www.mouser.c...arCom&Ntt=182338922
[mylodon, Sep 27 2016]

Little beating heart http://vibration-mo...or-C1020B008F1.html
[mylodon, Sep 27 2016]


       Keeping this in the breast pocket means we are well on the way to Stark care-bear.
wjt, Sep 28 2016

       I am thinking this is for people who do not currently keep their phones set to vibrate.
bungston, Sep 28 2016


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