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Calorie Wall Filling

Emergency rations for when your house collapses
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Fill your cavity walls with a nearly indestructible form of food, rather than standard foam insulation, and when it gets knocked down by a huge earthquake you'll have something to snack on.
Aristotle, Jan 19 2010

The Hostess Twinky http://wapedia.mobi/en/Twinkies
With a shelf-life of "forever" this could be a candidate material. [Aristotle, Jan 19 2010]

What is a Cavity Wall? http://www.askjeff.co.uk/cavity.html
As explained by Jeff. Note that food is not suggested as a filling. [Aristotle, Jan 19 2010]

Homeland Security's 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit http://www.american...rvival-kit-1-person
Includes water and food. Not entirely sure why you need two biohazard bags - maybe for body parts that turn gangrenous and drop off? [DrCurry, Jan 19 2010]


       I was pondering the emergency grab bag recommended for office workers (all I remember is flashlight and water, but maybe there was food in it, too), and thinking that would have been very useful to some of these trapped Haitians. The ones in offices, anyway.   

       So maybe you could stuff the walls with those?
DrCurry, Jan 19 2010

       P.S. Edible cavity walls in any country full of ants and/or cockroaches? Not such a good idea, I'm thinking.
DrCurry, Jan 19 2010

       + Awesome. Make it sweets, so that every earthquake is like a mexican birthday.
leinypoo13, Jan 19 2010

po, Jan 19 2010

       Interesting - the linked 72-hour survival kit includes a 12-hour glowstick and an emergency poncho.   

       I have to say, I had never really considered the possibility that something called an "emergency poncho" might exist. I don't yet know if I find it disturbing or reassuring.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2010

       This idea is not without problems, of course. People crazed by strict diets or hungry, homeless mobs could be driven to dine via demolition.   

       To make the idea more robust it would probably need some kind of inner plastic skin to try and contain the food, protect it from insects and yet allow weakened survivors to get access to it.   

       Interspersing the food with emergency kit does make sense.   

       For the record I do have a poncho for emergencies, stored amongst my viking/knight LARP costuming resource kit bag! I have used it for going as Clint Eastwood at costume parties.
Aristotle, Jan 20 2010


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