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anti-wall puncher

Install in wall, sharp pointed triangles
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Have you ever had someone punch a hole in your wall made from sheetrock? Well, the next time your daughter's boyfreind, or some other he-man punches your wall, they will be going to the hospital screeming like a little girl. Because you installed "PUNCH NO MORE". A 4"x 4" grid of razor sharp pointed blades that installs during the repair of the hole in your wall. also can be install during the building of a new home, to get the first timers. I mounts inside the wall and will protect either side when punched. Research shows that most holes that are punched in the walls just above the light switch near a door way. Comes with warning stickers for your front window. to cover lawsuites, and insurance claims.
cornpad, Aug 07 2004


       I once saw someone put a nice hole in one of these type of walls. However, it was with the back of their head, when they leant too far back in the chair during a meeting.
My house in the UK is built from brick. No problem with hands, feet or heads.
Ling, Aug 07 2004

       Hello lawsuit!
Spatula Head, Aug 08 2004

       Not really an anti-wall punching device, though, is it? The fact that it's there only becomes apparent after it's been punched, and left someone's fist a lacerated, macerated mess. More of an "Anti-Punching The Same Wall Twice" idea. Which the pain of punching a wall once kinds of negates the need for anyway.
lostdog, Aug 08 2004

       I think this is a bad idea because I fall down a lot.
mongmaster, Aug 09 2004

       A small well-positioned sticker promoting a local anger management class might work better.
Fishrat, Aug 09 2004

       Or maybe two or three layers of sheetrock.
Spatula Head, Aug 09 2004

       Nah - a sign that reads: These walls protected by "PUNCH NO MORE" should deter some would-be wall/self-mutilators.
thumbwax, Aug 09 2004

       The business end of a nail, protruding in to the space of the wall driven through the paneling and drywall on the opposite side and passing cleanly between two fingers of a closed fist which had just passed through the drywall the nearer side of a wall was sufficient deterrent for me.   

       Even a group of stupid kids, after that, used a hammer to finish tearing out that wall.
half, Aug 09 2004

       Which begs the question; if your daughter's boyfriend punched a hole in your wall, was he subsequently sent to the hospital screaming like a little girl? (or at least to the home improvement store, crying about what the tools and materials were going to cost him)
half, Aug 09 2004


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