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Color Changing Walls

Forget Paint
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Imagine covering your walls and ceilings with a skin that has a wifi link to your computer and has the ability to change colors or display images.
pppporkins, Jan 15 2013

Disco_20Ball_20Projector or just use this device [Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013]

Electro_20Static_20Wall_20Tiles read wordgineer's post about electro something tiles [Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013]

Halfbakery: Touch Activated Glowing Wallpaper Touch Activated Glowing Wallpaper
Nice, but so pre-touchscreen. [zen_tom, Jan 15 2013]

ever heard of 360 projection? http://arstechnica....-immersive-display/
developed by microsoft [evilpenguin, Jan 15 2013]


       //Forget Paint//   

       Hmmm, them are fighting words.
Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013

       [Marked-For-Tagline] Like painting without paint.
Brian the Painter, Jan 15 2013

       Sounds good to me. +
blissmiss, Jan 15 2013

       Funny, [bellau].
blissmiss, Jan 15 2013

       color sp colour - beyond that, how does it work?..... otherwise it comes close to an m-f-d for magic. See help file on that one.
xenzag, Jan 15 2013

       colour sp color- as in that's the way it's spelt here ;-)
blissmiss, Jan 16 2013

       no mfd required. This could work. see my link. and it's colour.
Brian the Painter, Jan 16 2013

       I would very much like to forget paint, as I don’t much like the ongoing task of rolling and brushing it onto the inside of my home.   

       I’ve had this sketch of a plan in mind since 1998:   

       A “wallpaper” skin consisting of 2 layers, one transparent, sandwiching and bonded to transparent floss that keeps the 2 layers as one, while allowing liquid to flow between them, driven by low power pumps. Primary and neutral color dyes are injected into the liquid to produce any color desired. The system can also provide radiant and convective cooling and heating.   

       The system would be fairly expensive, and Installing it demanding beyond the skills of most resident DIYers, but once installed, it should be as maintenance-free as ordinary circulated-water heating systems, and painting utterly a thing of the past.
CraigD, Mar 11 2013


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