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CameraTazer: The Great Equalizer

wearable hidden camera and personal defense weapon improves safety and equality
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Today a black man wearing a GORILLA MASK hassled me for change on the subway. I said "no" with contempt, because I am a large dude and can piss off strangers without fearing for my personal safety, and he was making black men look bad. Then I thought-- What If I Became A Woman? And I realized, if I were a woman, I'd have to deal with people asking me for money with POLITENESS instead of INTIMIDATION, which would be annoying. And, I realized I'd also have to deal with ugly people hitting on me constantly, because I'd be an attractive woman, and I'd also have to be polite to them too, and would feel constantly vulnerable and dirty. And that's terrible.

As I understand it through the haze of tall rich attractive white male privilege, the main way the feminist movement is trying to change this deplorable state of inequality is: MORE POLITENESS-- that is, the feminine approach of raising awareness and hoping the bad men change after someone talks about these issues to them. My BIASES push me toward the synergistic alternative masculine approach of SUPERIOR FIREPOWER.

I asked myself: what TECHNOLOGY would I need to feel AS SAFE as I do now if I were a 95-pound, 5'3", EXTRAORDINARILY HOT WOMAN? The answer, for me, was a CameraTazer.

This is a smartphone accessory-- a wearable, concealable omnidirectional digital camera that constantly records video. A press of a hidden button uploads the last 15 seconds of recording to a web server, and to friends and law enforcement as appropriate. The smartphone accessory also includes a powerful tazer weapon.

Use: If I felt slightly threatened/at risk, I'd activate live video streaming and location updating to my friends' smartphones. If I felt more threatened, I'd send the same feed to law enforcement (non-emergency) by pressing a hidden button, possibly a button hidden in a normal- looking ring. If someone nearby was actively threatening, I'd press a different button to call the police and a friend, and charge my tazer weapon.

I would use this as a man, too, to record interesting things I see that happen too fast for me to take out my camera. Also, an accelerometer in my smartphone and image processing of the camera feed could instantly call for help if I was hit by a car or passed out drunk in an alley.

Since the CameraTazer is concealed, it acts as a deterrent everywhere-- anyone might have one. The technology to allow this (cheap cameras, cellphone localization and video streaming) are new but well-developed.

sninctown, Apr 04 2011

Instant Replay Instant_20replay
Mostly redundant with this idea, apart from the bit about the tazer. [hippo, Apr 04 2011]

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[daseva, Apr 04 2011]

Slutwalk http://www.slutwalktoronto.com/
Recent rally/ march/ slutwalk in Toronto to highlight the intersection of EXTRAORDINARILY HOT WOMEN and white male privelege, state of inequality and CAPS LOCK [rcarty, Apr 04 2011]


       I'll bun the idea, but the near rant at the start which included "black man", "feminist movement", "... white male privilege", "state of inequality", and CAPS LOCK, while interesting to read probably could have captured a little less of your day's emotions and angst, and still said the same thing.
rcarty, Apr 04 2011

       What rcarty said but without the bun.
Voice, Apr 04 2011

       Is your confusion to do with "...and still said the same thing". If so, then I agree that obviously saying something else would not be saying the same thing, but it is the Idea that is the thing, or the object, in this forum, and the rest is just noise, so he could have said the same thing/idea even if he didn't say all of the exact same things.
rcarty, Apr 04 2011

       Oooh, yes, I was also a bit confused when you said 'saying the same thing', because I thought the thing you were referring to wasn't the thing you wanted 'the same thing' to refer to but instead a different thing, namely, a more concise and less emotional recantation of the story itself to be that same but other thing.
daseva, Apr 04 2011

       Now I am not one to be easily confused by such matters but you all seem to be saying the same thing which is either that you feel that the originator should have said the same thing, albeit differently, or that you don't understand why some others might wish that the originator had said the same thing, albeit differently. The only one not saying the same thing, and who perhaps should be saying the same thing, albeit differently, is the originator.
The_Saint, Apr 04 2011

       I agree
The_Saint, Apr 04 2011

       Really, given the advantages that fortune has granted the author as listed in the idea, it makes more sense to beta test this device in his own tall, young and well hung white hands (leaving his feet free for savate should the situation warrant). There may be unforseen consequences of using such a device, and better these occur to an individual who has an immaculately effective plan B.
bungston, Apr 04 2011

       On the internet, no one knows you're not an EXTRAORDINARILY HOT WOMAN
hippo, Apr 04 2011

       The push button record feature is well baked. (link)
daseva, Apr 04 2011

       If your camera phone has a half decent flash (not just some LEDs) you can turn it into a "Tazer" of sorts, by wiring the capacitor leads to contacts on the case. It gives a mild tingle, but an impressive arc if you touch the contacts together which is probably more likely to stun someone.
mitxela, Apr 04 2011

       Rather than this unproven technology, why not devise some way that an individual can quickly and temporarily assume the haze of tall rich attractive white male privilege? Maybe some sort of springloaded necktie/ moustache / codpiece ensemble?
bungston, Apr 04 2011

       Seems like the omnidirectional constantly-recording video feature would suck the phone battery dry.
RayfordSteele, Apr 04 2011

       <reads //EXTRAORDINARILY HOT WOMAN// in a David Mitchell voice> </r//EHT//iadmv> Hilarity ensues...
4whom, Apr 04 2011

       also, no soap, radio!
4whom, Apr 04 2011

       Oops sorry my brother, I thought it was...
pashute, May 03 2020


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