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Self-defense Against Rape
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A device similar to the "diaphragm" used for birth control. It would fit in the vagina, against the cervix... and would not prevent rape, but when the penis or a finger thrust against it blindly, it would inject poison (or curare, to paralyze without killing)... I don't know why this wasn't invented years ago? Of course, it would have to be inserted and removed with a "device" to prevent self-injury to the person installing it. Or could be installed by "significant other", and fulfill the role of a "chastity belt"... too late to patent it, I guess?
lewstanley, Mar 25 2004

(?) FemDefence http://femdefence.info/index2.html
"The project Femdefence is an attempt to contribute to the debate on men’s sexual violence against women in society, using the esthetics of design, and the semiotics of marketing. " [bristolz, Apr 19 2005]

Rapex http://www.smh.com..../1125302683893.html
This one can only be removed (from the attacker) surgically, although it would cause no long-term damage. [DrCurry, Dec 02 2005]

Technovelgy: Snow Crash, "Dentata" http://www.technove...ontent.asp?Bnum=840
[jutta, May 16 2006]


       Honey... did you remember to remove the... ARGGHHHH!!!
zigness, Mar 25 2004

       Ok - first take the number of women that associate the word "accident" with "sex" and multiply that by the number of guys out there that associate the word "customary" with "sex", and there you have your stupidity quotient. It would be like giving dirver's lisences to those who could just pass the written test. Fishbone.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 25 2004

       Why not just put spikes in there, like they use to discourage pigeons from windowsills?
phundug, Mar 25 2004

       I think some species of female animals actually have defenses like these, against male intruders who provoke them unwantedly. I predict that at some future point, humans will find a way to adopt this ability, either synthetically or naturally.   

       The idea needs lots of work, but I'm staying neutral on the subject.
phundug, Mar 25 2004

       The consequences of this are mindboggling. How exactly are you going to ensure that any spikes, needles, etc, don't injure the woman whose vagina they are in? What happens if she has a bicycling accident or something else causing stress to the lower abdomen? Can you guarantee the poison would stay in its poison dispenser or the spikes would stay in their sheaths?   

       And there's always anal sex or numerous other ways an attacker can degrade and humiliate a woman. Preventing vaginal penetration is not the important part of preventing rape or sexual assault.
kropotkin, Mar 25 2004

       In a text on the subject of chastity belts and the female's place in society throughout history, I was surprised to discover that long ago in a far less gentle time, there were a variety of implementations of this exact idea, involving barbed spikes, razor sharp blades, and the like. Now, as then, the idea makes me sad.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 01 2004

       Three words: Exploding dye packs.
Cedar Park, Apr 19 2005

       I was about to lay into this idea as quite ridiculous: "Here honey, you'll be quite safe with this curare on a spring loaded spike nestled inside your genitals.", but then I read [GPL]'s anno. People actually did stuff like this. The world is a very strange place.
wagster, Apr 19 2005

       Preheated in science fiction already. Search for [Neal Stephenson] [Snow Crash] [dentata].
normzone, Apr 19 2005

       //I think some species of female animals actually have defenses like these// I wouldn't have thought any species would be able to evolve this kind of defense, after all, it's the ones that don't have it which have offspring without the necessary genes.
fridge duck, Apr 19 2005

       Now available in South Africa, which has the highest per capita level of reported rapes in the world. See link.
DrCurry, Dec 02 2005

       A strange and morbid fact: Back in the Vietnam War, Vietnamese prostitutes would stick razor blades up in their vaginas, so when an American soldier felt the urge...well, I guess you can figure out the rest.
MikeOxbig, Dec 03 2005

       One of the problems of this idea is that if a women has to pee it must be removed which could be a serious hassle. "lemme just take out my spikes". IF she accidentally touches it, she would be the victim.
robbie the rocker, Dec 22 2005

       Try inserting an electric pencil sharpener there. Do some damage to that dong!
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 29 2007

       //One of the problems of this idea is that if a women has to pee it must be removed // Errr, are you sure you have your anatomy right? Or have I misunderstood something?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 29 2007

       If I recall correctly, girls don't pee out of the vagina. If you are a girl, and you do that, something isn't right. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe [robbie] knows more of this subject than I do. If so, I apologise to the girls who pee out of their spike pit. Please have a penile sharpener as a gift from me.
Shadow Phoenix, Dec 28 2007

       It's considered rape at the moment of insertion. For this anti-rape device to work, the act of rape must already have taken place. It's probably safer (for you and for that drunken guy buying you the drinks) if you just put on more clothes when you go to the bars. Drunken guys are easily distracted by hot women, and so if another hotter woman walks by, then you're off the hook....or just stay away from that bar scene altogether.   

       Also, if you get aids, that will kill your unwitting lovers as well. This idea of yours just gives me 1 more reason to watch porn instead of having 1 night stands.
quantum_flux, Dec 29 2007

       This wouldn't do much for the many, many incidences of anal rape, which by the way can affect members of either sex.
ye_river_xiv, Feb 08 2008


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