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Camping Havoc Strip Poker

Strip poker with a difference
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Going on camp opens your eyes to all the dodgy activities your fellow lemmings participate in. This variation of poker is inspired and dedicated to them.

To initiate a game of Havok Strip Poker, you must either be camping with a large group, or live in a large apartment block or street where people are tight-knit and leave their doors unlocked. Gather your group of friends (and put on as many layers of clothing as you can if you're a bad player), enter somebody else's tent or house while they're not in and start playing strip poker.

Once someone is completely naked, the player has to then continue playing, but this time instead of removing articles of clothing, he or she has to put on garments owned by the occupant of the tent. Obviously somebody has to be lookout, otherwise you'd have a lot of explaining to do, so if the occupant is about to return, the participants have to run to the next tent, dressed or not and continue from there. The tent has to be kept neat and tidy also so as to avoid serious objections.

If someone is completely kitted out in somebody else's clothing, they leave their clothes where they found the tent occupants clothes, and the group moves to the next tent, but the players can't take their removed clothes with them.

The players have to move around the circle of tents without getting caught, and the game is considered over when everybody is dressed in somebody else's clothes - in other words, like monopoly, this could take hours.

An essential part of the game is that once it's over you have to come up with a viable excuse as to why you're dressed in drag and smelling like rum.

froglet, Apr 13 2006


       Pray you'd not be drinking while doing this. The game would either never end, or end very very quickly.   

       Obligatory bun for using the word 'Havoc' in the title.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 13 2006

       And to think that I nearly spelt 'havoc' with a 'k'!!
froglet, Apr 14 2006

       I guess in this version of strip poker, the body shots and game of twister comes during intermission...
ye_river_xiv, Mar 06 2007

       There's an intermission in poker? What is this, Kung Pow?
normzone, Mar 06 2007


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