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Magician poker

Two pair...but wait! Now it's a royal flush!
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Simply, gather about 5 of the worlds best magicians, and have them play poker.
Rules are: anything goes - any trick/sleight of hand they can imagine is allowed.
What's that in your ear? Why, it's the ace I was looking for!...Damn, the rabbit ate my king...
fridge duck, Mar 27 2005


       I'd play this, if only i knew some cool magic tricks. You get a bun.
finrod, Mar 27 2005

       This is completely insane, but it might work, especially since I've got 5 aces up my sleeve, seeing as that in another dimension there are 5 suits of cards, instead of 4.
froglet, Mar 27 2005

       nothing original about cheating [marked–for–deletion]
po, Mar 27 2005

       To escape the dreaded [m-f-d], propose not merely cheating at poker, but televising it. The audience is watching in an attempt to catch the players cheating.
gardnertoo, Mar 27 2005

       This is no worse than the 7,000 other flaky poker shows now engulfing most of cable television. No better either, tho. -
phundug, Mar 27 2005

       This brought to mind the Harlem Globetrotters, they were so good no regular basketball team could beat them. So they became a show in themselves. Magicians would add the pizazz and humor an ordinary game of cards lacks, and I think should be televised.+   

       ps. no betting allowed
dentworth, Mar 27 2005

DesertFox, Mar 28 2005

       Of course, you've got to cut the deck with a saw.   

       Po, I realise there is nothing new about cheating, it's just that magicians make their living by it and so would be better (I'm assuming), I haven't accounted for thieves, car salesmen etc...
fridge duck, Mar 29 2005

       Dress them as cowboys. Give them guns.
baconbrain, Mar 30 2005

       Po, how could you? I'm shocked.
david_scothern, Mar 30 2005

       Pro-am cheating. Bone.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 30 2005

       <obligatory>"Nothing in that sleeve...nothing in" (poke) "that one...Now--" (poke) "Hey! Now if you'll just h--" (poke) "--old this for a m-moment--" (poke) "Stopit!--I'll" (poke) "F--in' 'ell..."</obligatory>
Etymon, Mar 30 2005

       Seriously, though, I imagine most magicians use decks with gimmicks built in--would this have security procedures to ensure normal cards, and would therefore test skills at true sleight-of-hand?
Etymon, Mar 30 2005

       I thought this said Michigan Poker.
Mr Burns, Mar 30 2005

       [Etymon]--I'm sure the deck would start perfectly normal, but I imagine at least one if not all of the magicians will swap it for their own ASAP.
5th Earth, Mar 31 2005

       "Are you accusing me of cheating?"
"Of course I am."
"Well, if you'll just pay attention to my lovely assistant over here, away from me..." *POOF*
AfroAssault, Mar 31 2005

       Could this be MFD'd for Magic?
hidden truths, Apr 14 2005

       No, because nobody believes magicians are actually doing Magic. The fun is in trying to spot the sleight of hand, knowing it must be there.
gardnertoo, Jan 13 2006

       //I imagine most magicians use decks with gimmicks built in//   

       There are plenty of such decks, but good card magicians can also achieve a lot with a normal deck.   

       You could add a twist by adding a round before the reveal. Each magician can auction his hand to the others - this could add in an extra element of bluff... "Did he fix his hand this round or not?"
imaginality, Apr 12 2006


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