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Ghost fold

Keep your cards till the end of a hand.
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In live poker, when you fold a hand, you get to keep your pocket cards until the end of the hand. Thus being able to see if you 'would have won'. Online poker doesn't give you this option. You fold, and thats it...poof, your cards are gone.

This is not essential, and sometimes, you really dont wanna know if you made a bad fold. But it would be good to have the option. Trying to remember your cards with everything going on can be quite a task, expecially if they were obscure and off-suit etc.

Would be nice to be able to fold your hand, but still keep a ghost-like set till the end of the hand.

shinobi, Sep 26 2007


       I'm talking about Texas. It's really not as easy as you say
shinobi, Sep 26 2007

       I'll have to try that. It sounds impressive.   

       If your on-line game allows the use of other windows in your computer, you could take a screenshot and look at it when you like.   

       On many computers the old Print Screen key takes an image of the entire screen and puts it in the clipboard. If you want just the active window, hold down the ALT key first.   

       Then switch to Paint or another graphics program and paste it in. The screenshot/window image is then visible.
baconbrain, Sep 26 2007

       "Online poker should be more like real poker" - is that *really* a novel, half-baked idea?   

       Sounds more like a feature request to whatever online poker game you subscribe to.
DrCurry, Sep 26 2007


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