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Festival hairdryer

wind-up hairdryer for camping
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How often is your music festival or camping trip spoiled by your hair being a mess? To solve this problem I suggest a hairdryer with a windup charger (like the little mobile/cell phone ones) to ensure a perfect hairdo at all times!
FussyPedant, May 11 2007

just plug it in the car's lighter http://www.provanta...-pv375~7TRPI014.htm
[xandram, May 29 2007]


       I thought messy hair was a required component of the music festival outfit, along with a scent of patchoulli and armpit.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 11 2007

       Why wind-up? Why not have the hand-cranking power the blower directly?   

       (I would also suggest using a cordless hairdryer, but all the links I can find appear to be artefacts of Google spamming.)
DrCurry, May 11 2007

       [dr curry] you have me wanting to pick up a cheap cordless drill and a cheap hairdryer and get all Dr Frankenstein on them.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 11 2007

       Wind powered hairdryer.
skinflaps, May 11 2007

       Considering the power requirements of a hairdryer you would probably require a bicycle type generator to power it. To add utility, you could replace the handlebars with a mirror.
nuclear hobo, May 11 2007


       Because it's pretty difficult to crank a hairdryer while it's behind your head.
croissantz, May 29 2007


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