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Candid Census Camera

It says so in the constitution.
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I read with amazement about the outrage of certain persons towards census takers this year. Much has to do with rage of certain persons towards government in general, and general rage on the part of government haters and haters of this US government in particular.

I propose that hidden camera folks go with census takers and film the hilarity. The participants would actually do the census taking job but would be selected for their rage-inducing potential; for example, their resemblance to President Obama.

Because of the needs of reality television, these census takers would persist in their efforts rather longer than one with low pay and normal concern for safety might. For example, they might offer those who resist a flag-backed copy of the US Constitution gratis, with the section mandating a census highlighted, then ask why the person disagrees with the Founding Fathers. They might helpfully propose to guess at the data the person is unwilling to provide. They could use a bullhorn from the street to ask that the person come out and fulfill their duty as a citizen.

All in all the endeavor would be done in the name of the Constitution, with the additional hope of getting some good honest frothing, spitting, epithet and porch furniture-hurling rage on camera. Yeeehaw!

bungston, Jun 23 2010

Grumpy Americans dont want to be counted. http://www.kansas.c...bouts-of-abuse.html
[bungston, Jun 23 2010]




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