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Citizen of Nowhere

purely neutral citizenship
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For people who don't want to deal with being aligned with the political beliefs and actions of the country in which they were born may apply for citizenship to "Nadus" a country that doesn't physically exist. By becoming a citizen you are automatically a visitor in the country you live. Nadus would never have any sort of political opinion and would therefore be more or less ignored by the rest of the world since they have no recources or even an economy. Citizens could travel get green cards and live their lives without the stigma of a country's political belief being attached to them.
lbunting, May 24 2002

Diogenes of Sinope http://www.utm.edu/.../iep/d/diogsino.htm
A likely citizen of nowhere. [pottedstu, May 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Neue Slowenische Kunst http://www.kud-fp.si/nsk/
An independent "universal state" formed by Slovenian popstrels Laibach. They even issue passports. [pottedstu, May 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       That's Switzerland isn't it?
mcscotland, May 24 2002

       only if its impossible to join.
mymus, May 24 2002

       would we have to pay taxes? This reminds me of some giant cruise ship that is being built, it will cruise continually forever, people become residents of it and can get on and off as they wish. Really expensive of course, but still a great idea.
rbl, May 24 2002

       A good idea, but I'd like to point out that non-subscription to any particular political belief is in itself a political belief.
yamahito, May 24 2002

       How does "Nadus" treat taxation on income and assets? Are non-residents permitted to hold real property? Should it bother me that "Nadus" is "Sudan" ( as in Desert) spelled backwards?
jurist, May 24 2002

       I assume you wouldn't be able to vote anywhere. Probably you would not get social security benefits or free health care (where available). You would have difficulty getting a job without a social security number. I think the disadvantages of being a citizen would outweigh the advantages. It's better to change the world than withdraw from it.
pottedstu, May 24 2002

       Nice idea, but it would be tricky to implement it. Why should any country let you work there or give you a green card? After all there's no hope of a reciprocal agreement is there?
stupop, May 24 2002

       I see this as more oriented towards those who are lucky (or smart) enough to not need to work. Maybe see if some country will sell you one acre of land just to have a mailing address and such?
rbl, May 24 2002

       Sounds like a device to get round international sanctions to me. Anyhow don't 'stateless' passports already exist?
DrBob, May 24 2002

       I was just thinking that this would probably work if you could get a Nadus passport. Which would have to be issued by the Nadusian government, which, on account of its non-existence, would not be forthcoming with them.
waugsqueke, May 24 2002

       That, or, as a nadusian you could make your own
lbunting, May 24 2002

       <Beatles>He's a real nowhere Man,
sitting in his Nowhere Land...</Beatles>
RayfordSteele, May 24 2002

       Make my own? Does that mean, as a Canadian, I can make my own Canadian passport? Methinks not.
waugsqueke, May 24 2002

       As a Canadian you can't, but apparently pretty much any other group has figured out how to make them! Heck, you don't really need a Canadian passport anyhow, just drop by, we're always open.
rbl, May 24 2002

       The notion of neutral citizenship has been baked for many years. Hitler had no nationality during WW1, although this didn't seem to bother the Kaiser's army...
[ sctld ], May 24 2002

       I declare myself a half-citizen of the bakery, and also the priest-king of the primitive city-state of Teegardinia.
RayfordSteele, May 24 2002

[ sctld ], May 24 2002

       Sshhh! Not round here...people are watching...   

       And i take it you haven't seen 2DTV. We've been making fun of G.W.Bush for months and months. Its the British way.
[ sctld ], May 24 2002


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