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Beastie Bus

Politically conscious doggie makeover bang bus
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This is a pirate political movement to dognap and administer sexual therapy to dogs that are rescued from abusive homes. A band of merry, politically conscious, bestial sex therapists (maybe this just starts out intraspecially) could dognap dogs from at first just plain old physically abusive homes to get everyone on board, but as the show went on, increasingly morally abusuve homes, like those of prominent republicans and people on the religious right. The merry bestial sex therapists would clandestinely film the abusive environment, dognap the dog, administer long term bestial consensual sex therapy with massage, drugs, and other liberal stuff, all filmed, and then return the dog to its owners and submit themselves for trial on charges of bestislity, with the courtroom drama being highly publicized and marketed around the issue if pushing the boundary of sex/love and what the society finds acceptable. It would be like green peace but for the sex, gender and morality crowd.
JesusHChrist, Jul 13 2017


       So the idea is to kidnap people's pets, have 'consensual' sex with them, then post films of that to the owners? This may well be the worst idea I have ever read on the halfbakery, and that's not a compliment.
xenzag, Jul 13 2017

       //bestislity// Isn't that a town in Poland?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 13 2017

       Well, at least we could tell it was him by the subtitle.
normzone, Jul 13 2017

       I can't tell if this is to help abused dogs or to push social boundaries.
notexactly, Jul 14 2017

       Should have called it: "50 Shades Of Greyhound"
xenzag, Jul 15 2017

       Now I know why I'm not supposed to use capitals in my ideas.
wjt, Jul 16 2017


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