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Cannabis paradoxa

Breed Cannabis for several new 'looks'
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Chartreuse or maroon leaves, rotund or corkscrew leaves, or a weeping habit are all common 'sports' or harmless deviations in cultivated ornamental plants. A couple of years of dedicated work might leave us plants easier to disguise. Now the common flower Cleome is our best foil.
probabilly, Dec 15 2003

Flower dye http://www.preserve....com/flower-dye.htm
Works best on a white base, but should still alter green sufficiently. [wagster, Oct 04 2004]


       Genetically altered marijuana christmas tree.. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good buzz.
v0rtexx, Dec 16 2003

       mmm...... Could put a whole new meaning to lighting up the tree!
BilboBoy, Dec 16 2003

       Heh, it's interesting how there were 3 votes against yet the only people who comment apparently thought it was a good idea. Does this mean that people disapprove of it simply because it's a "taboo" plant, and are afraid to discuss it?
Size_Mick, Dec 16 2003

       The plant may become easier to disguise but the loft full of ultraviolet lights and hydroponics irrigation tubes might be something of a give-away (along with the distinctive smell and the surrounding crowd of scruffy, lazy looking people with red eyes)
dobtabulous, Dec 16 2003

       It really doesn't involve GM, UnaBubba, though the description says it might, and furthermore now is the time for me to confess I have only just recently read the rules, and may I ask forgiveness. Actually, the characterisics I've mentioned are common at your garden center across Genera and cultivated without the use of GM.
probabilly, Dec 16 2003

       Not if you grow outside, dobtabulous. But true of the Xmas tree.
probabilly, Dec 16 2003

       [UB] Just think of the varieties of Roses or Geraniums. No GM magic required just patience. This excellent idea should be applied to coca too. Once it is hopeless to identify the plants a whole branch of the government would collapse saving billions in tax payer money. Further billions would be saved because junkies don't have to commit crimes any more to get some money for the dealer.
kbecker, Dec 16 2003

       Actually, you can graft a hops plant top onto a cannabis plant root....the result looks like hops but has additional properties....does that qualify as GM, or simple gardening?
normzone, Dec 17 2003

       // the result looks like hops but has additional properties //   

       If you were to make beer from it, would it contain both alcohol and the chemicals which cause users to get stoned?
dobtabulous, Dec 17 2003

       Maybe some Hash Oil with a Beer Chaser.
thumbwax, Dec 17 2003

       Is THC alcohol soluable, then?
yamahito, Dec 17 2003

       /To derive a cultivar with sufficient difference would require GM/   

       Not true. Consider the genus Coreopsis. Some are upright and yellow flowered, very tall, with wide, matte leaves, while others creep along the ground with red flowers and thin, shiny leaves. Pot could even be a twining vine. The only thing that needs to be functionally alike are the flowers, flowers are how botanists define lineage. And they could be a different color.   

       You're not going to fool everybody, of course, I just want to make the odds better. This idea is for the recreational grower outside, between two church ladies, preferably.
probabilly, Dec 17 2003

       Sounds like it would be do-able and probably work fairly well to disguise the plant itself... but is a plastic baggie of dried maroon leaves going to look much different than that of green leaves?   

       and [yamahito] - I believe it is.
luecke, Dec 17 2003

       Pot is soaked in isopropenal (sp?) to extract the THC, and then the alcohol is evaporated to make oil.   

       Better'n benzene, I suppose...
Overpanic, Dec 18 2003

       Although a good idea, its not really much of an invention. I agree with [UnaBubba] that you cannot make something sufficiently non-cannabis looking to hide the plant without GM. All that you could do is make more interesting looking marijuana.
evilmathgenius, Jun 25 2004

       I have a buddy in Germany with seedbase containing 280 known hybrids of marijuana. 110 are indicas and the rest are sativas. The plant base is 50th generation. They do not look much like the bud your grandpa might've smoked. It grows multicolored and glows like the light of GOD when the light hits it. If you were to bush one of those plants out the only thing that definitely will give you away is the smell. Although even that is a little more fruity than your average POT.
STUpidIDIOT, Jul 22 2004

       [m-f-d] Could not HD be targeted for close down if discussion continued about growing pot? I suspect that there are sleazy sites dedicated to this that those inclined can go to without jepodising Halfbakery
tasman, Jul 22 2004

       This site is run from the US, and we have this little thing called the First Amendment.
krelnik, Jul 22 2004

       International law is not restricted to USA only
tasman, Jul 22 2004

       meh, come to canada, the way the govn't parties are going, it may be legalized here...
swimr, Jul 22 2004

       "International law is not restricted to USA only"
Heh. Pretty much by definition.
phoenix, Jul 22 2004

       Despite popular opinion particularly in US- but US does not rule the world
tasman, Jul 22 2004

       We just casually suggest, a little forcefully.   

       I predict a record number of deaths from Christmas trees catching on fire.
RayfordSteele, Jul 22 2004

       No one seems to be getting very far with shutting down websites these days - and there are sites that sell cannabis, not just kick about some idle ideas. I don't think there'll be any objection - Jutta can correct me here! As regards the disguise, couldn't you just use flower dye to dye the water/nutrient solution? I'll go find a link....
wagster, Jul 23 2004

       About the only place in the world people get in trouble for marijuana these days IS the states. The rest of the world (on average) is cool with it.   

       Since they let Overgrow stay up, I don't think a few threads will hurt HB.   

       I believe there is an Australian strain that looks very different from the average cannabis... a good starting point perhaps.
eulachon, Jul 23 2004

       In Australia the CWA (Country Women's Association) recently called for the decriminalisation of medical marijuana. They had previously been famous for cooking books and fetes and scones and being on the far right of the political spectrum. Pragmatists one and all they can see which way the wind is blowing...
igogo, Nov 20 2006

       and everone jumped my case for suggesting we make a pot flavored bubble gum????
Ozzy, Nov 20 2006


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