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Bill C420

Canadian Marijuana Revenue Generating Scheme.
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Since certain American states have legalized marijuana use for medical purposes but the American government has apparently pooh-poohed these moves.

Seeing as The Government of Canada is the world's largest marijuana growing entity and the only government which actually grows the weed.

I propose that the Canadian government set up "smoking rooms" in it's embassies and consulates where medicinal marijuana is permitted but illegal to obtain. Let's say Joe was prescribed marijuana by his GP because he suffers from AIDS, Joe would show up at the nearest Canadian consular office or embassy and buy the weed from the on-site pharmacist in the smoking room. The government would charge exorbitant prices, but Joe needn't fear prosecution because embassies and consular offices are considered foreign soil and thus not subject to the laws of the host country.

RogerRam, Sep 29 2003

"Health Canada's marijuana 'disgusting', say users" http://www.thestar....92&col=968705899037
Folks want their money back. Don't think you'll do much business with this plan. [waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]


       Wouldn't the room be filled with Canadian officials?
RayfordSteele, Sep 29 2003

       //marijuana is permitted but illegal to obtain//   


       //"smoking rooms"//   

       Coffee Houses.   

       //Seeing as The Government of Canada is the world's largest marijuana growing entity and the only government which actually grows the weed.//   

Shz, Sep 29 2003

       shz: The Mexican government grows actual marijuana, rather than hemp?   

       The gov't of Canada sells marijuana to actual patients, so why not extend the idea to jurisdictions like California where medicinal marijuana is legal but impossible to obtain without turning to the black market. A Canadian consulate is much easier for an American to get to than Amsterdam.
RogerRam, Sep 29 2003

       ‘Mexican Gold’? ‘Panama Red’? Legal or illegal, I think this is advocacy.
Shz, Sep 29 2003

       I also advocate against the unnecessary procedure of removing funny bones.
RogerRam, Sep 29 2003

       ////You are correct, most of it does come from Mexico.////   

       What I meant was that the Govt of Canada was the largest *SINGLE* grower, I didn't say the bulk of it comes from Canada. More may indeed come from Mexico. If I say that Heinz Farms is the world's largest tomato grower, it doesn't necessarily imply that most tomatoes come from Heinz Farms.
RogerRam, Sep 29 2003


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