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Beer pills

Pop pills and get drunk.
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Have you ever wanted to skip the urination/time consuming process of drinking beer, but didn't want to skip the flavor or effect? Beer pills are the answer!
michael, Jul 02 2000

Vomint http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Vomint
"I'll have a couple of beer pills and Vomint please." [hippo, Jul 02 2000]

Nocohol http://www.wizzards...den/a&d/nocohol.htm
The Nocoholi process involves molecular biology and a patented gene from a South American toad. [yomarkos, Jul 02 2000]


       Would they be chewable and would they contain alcohol? If you drink alcohol your going to pee. I don't drink non alcoholic beer. If you swallowed them you would only get beer burps. Plus to drown out the alcohol flavor these pills would have to be huge or you would have to eat a lot of them.
mika_ranta, Jul 02 2000

       take a few xanax and call me in the morning.
ChachieWawa, Jul 02 2000

       I personally like the taste of beer, so I'll stick with drinking it, instead of a pill, which would dissolve faster than drinking it, so you wouldn't get the full effect of the taste. Although I guess if you're going for a quick way to get drunk, it would work...
Lizzie9208, Nov 28 2000

       They already exist. They're called quaaludes. (a variant is known as "Career Government Workers")
amsmith170, Aug 08 2001

       same as those alchohalic pencils...   

       screw the idea it sucks   

       giant fishbone to that idea!!!!
grly, Jan 14 2002

       Depends why you drink beer. If all you want to do is get shit-faced, just inhale a bottle of vodka or something. Drink beer because you like it. Getting drunk is a part of that, yes, but it's not an end in itself.   

       Anyway, a pint of decent ale has about 25ml of pure alcohol in it, so your pill would either be too big to swallow, or liquid.
Rugrat, Feb 24 2002


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