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Capsule Cruise Ship

Capsule Hotel Model Applied to Cruise Ships
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Capsule hotels originated in countries like Japan, but have spread elsewhere. Likewise, the capsule concept can be applied to cruise ships, enabling higher passenger volumes on smaller boats, through more efficient use of space.

The main focus of the capsule cruise ship is to enable travelers to experience the various destinations or itinerary stops on the cruise tour at more economical cost. The capsule accommodation is the cost-saving way of achieving that. With the focus of the cruise being on the actual stopovers, there is less need for luxurious staterooms or cabins, and capsule compartments can suffice.

The capsule cruise would be marked by more frequent stopovers, usually starting promptly in the morning at 10am, and extending past midnight to 1-2am. The rest of the night would see the ship traveling to the next stopover destination.

The cruise itinerary would give travelers more time at stopover destinations and a greater number and variety of such stopovers. the capsule cruise would typically be marketed to a younger crowd, and offering more social communal spaces onboard the ship, besides the stopovers themselves.

sanman, Dec 29 2022


       Nice. Or go even more extreme and fire them off as torpedos towards their vacation destination for extreme cost efficiency and thrills.   

       Odd how much these could be made to resemble 16th century slave ships.
RayfordSteele, Dec 29 2022

       Furthermore, perhaps the lower cost of capsule cruise travel could enable more lavish amenities at the stopovers, which could be more resort-style or tour-oriented. Perhaps capsule cruises could be sold at a loss, and made up for through stopover excursions/expenditures which would subsidize the capsule cruise. This would help to spread the money around, beyond the cruise provider itself.
sanman, Dec 29 2022

       Make the capsules on a similar form factor to shipping containers and the host ships could easily be dual-use, with the proportion of travellers to cargo varying depending on the season...
prufrax, Dec 30 2022

       It might not be necessary for capsules to be containerized, just to have ship also carry containers. That might be accommodatable too, in any case.
sanman, Dec 30 2022

       Here's a tasty crumpets, a token of my appreciation
Voice, Dec 30 2022

       [+] for the solution to middle-class homelessness caused by the current housing bubble.   

       Cruise ships have already become defacto Seniors' residences, with many frail and ailing retirees opting for perpetual cruise(s) in exciting locations rather than perpetual snooze in a sadly stationary seniors' home. Cruises have better food and better medical care than almost any senior residence, and you can have the thrill of being buried at sea!   

       Capsule cruises would be an even more economical options for seniors, but also a good option for suddenly homeless middle class 'remote' workers who may still need to travel for work.   

       I recommend combining Capsule Cruise Ship with my previously posted SS UN CitizenShip idea for immediate deployment!
Sgt Teacup, Jan 01 2023

       Install them facing away from the center of the ship with tiny windows in each cell for a view of the sea (or something). I use ‘cell’ in the same sense that a beehive is made of cells. Internal airways and elevators allow 32,500 vacationers to sail together on one ship. At capacities above 23,000 the entire populaton of cruisers is anesthetized between ports for their own safety. Intravenous buffet items are available 24/7, and the IV Bar never closes. On some cruises there may be a population of convicted felons who have been sentenced to cruise for up to 20 cruises, but convicts are not allowed to go ashore or leave their cells unless accompanied by an authorized monitor. Complex scheduling keeps the paying passengers safe during Halfway House Cruises (A cell is still a cell). Each cruiser is allowed 2.3 cubic feet of souvenir storage, so choose wisely!   

       Ports of call are severely limited to those that can handle 5 or 6 ships, or 150,000 day visitors, and bookings are tight for the shoreside events unless you do it 2 years in advance. Cruising is different in 2042.   

       Note: The average current size of a lower deck economy ‘stateroom’ with a window is SMALLER that a capsule hotel room.
minoradjustments, Oct 22 2023

       I've never been on a cruise ship but it sounds absolutely ghastly
hippo, Oct 23 2023

       [hippo] Living in a destination port, I cruelly disparaged cruises and cruise passengers for years until I took one. On an NCL Deep Caribbean Easter weekend cruise that was wall-to-wall with kids and amateurs of various stripe we never had a moment when we were crowded or felt we couldn’t have any privacy. Most cruisers are at the buffet, the pools, the casinos, the 18-person bouillabaisse Jacuzzi, or recovering from overeating or overdrinking. We found private spaces and wonderful viewpoints any time we wanted to. I don’t know about Carnival or Princess, with 5000 on board, but NCL had full capacity of 1100 on board and it never felt crowded. I think the ambience aboard that the cruise company creates makes the diff. NCL was great; no regimented seating for meals, many restaurant choices, many private spaces. This was in 2000 so I have no idea what it’s like now. I’d go again with NCL.
minoradjustments, Oct 23 2023

       // average current size of a lower deck economy ‘stateroom’ with a window is SMALLER that a capsule hotel room //   

       Huh? Can you give the relevant measurements for each?
a1, Oct 23 2023

       A quick search says the average size of an 'inside' cabin on a cruise ship is 167 sq ft with some being as small as 120 sq ft

[minoradj] - interesting! It still sounds like not my thing though
hippo, Oct 23 2023

       // as small as 120 sqft //   

       Okay, but i thought "capsule hotel" rooms - both in real world as well as proposed here for discussion - were even smaller. No?
a1, Oct 23 2023

       If the cruise ship is purely about getting from This Port to That Port (with the travellers securely in their capsules), it could be a submarine & avoid all that pesky weather & stuff.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 23 2023

       I stand corrected. Looks like the capsule hotel room takes the prize for smaller than the small cruise cabin. 120’ sq? 10’ x 12?’ Not even close. My room on the ship was maybe twice the floor area of the capsule room where the queen bed was and had its own tiny bathroom and closet at the entry, unlike the hotel room. The only difference I can see is that you could stand up or swing your legs off the bed on one side, but available room to swing a cat was not available. We didn’t spend much time in “the hole.” Claustrophobics could tolerate the cabin but not a chance for the capsule.
minoradjustments, Oct 24 2023


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