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Push a button and "slam down" the phone
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Slamming down an old timey headset could be satisfying, and that won't happen again until we develop just-in-time manufacture by nanomachines. Until then, this alternate hang-up button on your phone emulates the sound thereof, sending to the other party a loud plastickey-metallic "clack", a little more clanking, and then a "busy" signal.
Voice, Sep 24 2023

Slam The Phone - 2014 https://play.google....devin.slamthephone
An early version of this idea [a1, Sep 24 2023]

Another version of the idea - 2019 https://www.reddit....hone_down_in_anger/
[a1, Sep 24 2023]

Suggested in 2012 https://forums.digi...ming-the-phone-down
[a1, Sep 24 2023]

Another 2012 design concept - good graphic design http://macfunamizu....12/10/21/slam-down/
…fast-slide-to-slam-down-receiver slider? It’d be nice if there was a slamming sound … [a1, Sep 25 2023]


       Instead of a busy signal, could it do a high pitched whine? Like at the end of the movie Failsafe?   

       Even so … a “slam the phone down” app idea has been around for over ten years - links.
a1, Sep 24 2023

       No matter how hard you slam the phone down all the other party hears is a click. Is this slamming sensation cathartic or something?   

       Your phone should have two buttons for ending the call. One is the normal 'end call' button and the other one also ends the call, and sends the other person a text message containing a 'slamming down the phone' emoji.
hippo, Sep 25 2023

       Guaranteed to cause grief twixt thee and thine, girlfriend or significant other.   

       It's a certainty you'll click the wrong one sooner or later and spark a long heated debate about whether you really meant to or not.   

       Add a sprung cover to the button you have to push aside that automatically springs back over it, and a confirmation request from the phone, both belt and braces are the way to go here.
Skewed, Sep 25 2023

       Me: Oh for fuck's sake I have had enough of your shite <presses SLAM button hard>
Phone: You have pressed the SLAM button. Are you sure you meant to do that? Say "OK" to continue.
Phone: I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you said. Please repeat the command
Me: I said Okay
person at other end: What are you Okaying about? Anyway it was you that started this argument. Do you remember the time when you...
pocmloc, Sep 25 2023

       Phone: "Do you really want to do that, press "Y" (or your key of choice) for yes" .. with a case sensitive bit of code to avoid the Y then popping up on the screen or being transmitted anywhere when you tap it.   

       But that's a lot less fun than your option so I'm going to have to go with your voice confirmation method as the definitively preferred option [poc].
Skewed, Sep 25 2023


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