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Collapsible Fryer

Collapsible Silicone Container with Steel Foil Pouches for Frying Food
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Collapsible container made of high-temperature food grade silicone comes with steel foil pouches which can be placed inside the container and heated by magnetic induction. Fryable food items are placed inside of steel foil pouch and oil is poured into pouch for deep frying. Clips/clamps on container keep mouth of pouch upright and mostly closed, to avoid spills and splatter.

Collapsible size of pouch and container can help to conserve/reduce amount of oil used for frying.

sanman, May 28 2024

collapsible silicone containers https://flatstacks.ca/
[sanman, May 28 2024]

High temperature food grade silicone (safe up to 428 F) https://www.webstau...each%20into%20food.
[sanman, May 28 2024]

Steel Foil Pouch https://www.mcmaste...products/foil-bags/
[sanman, May 28 2024]

Silicone Splatter Dome https://www.youtube...watch?v=952UoBiCZTo
[sanman, May 28 2024]

Pure Iron Foil Sheets https://www.amazon....Sheet/dp/B07DW6GCV1
[sanman, May 28 2024]

Haven't we been here before? Induction_20Cooking_20Chainmail_20Wrap
[a1, May 28 2024]

Does Stainless Steel Cookware Work on Induction Stoves? https://madeincookw...l-work-on-induction
Stainless steel cookware works on an induction stovetop only if the base of the cookware is made with a magnetic grade of stainless steel. Stainless steel 432 and ferritic stainless steels, which both have a magnetic field, makes them both great choices for induction cooktops. Those with a high nickel content will not work because the magnetic field will be blocked. [a1, May 28 2024]


       I have to downvote this for same reasons as your very similar 'induction cooking chainmail wrap' suggestion.   

       But if you do test it, you'll need something other than the steel foil pouches you linked. They're described as non-magnetic, so they may not work with induction heating.
a1, May 28 2024

       @ a1: Okay, that particular steel foil pouch may not have been the right link (I just briefly googled it). I did link to the iron foil as well. My point is that this is doable from a technical standpoint.   

       The steel foil pouch can be used to do induction cooking. Don't forget that the melting point of steel is over 2000 C. That's far beyond the smoke point of any frying oil, far beyond any heat an induction cooktop can generate.   

       You've probably seen some pretty thick aluminum foils that are used on barbecues. They're not magnetic of course, but the same thicker foils are available in steel which is magnetic.
sanman, May 28 2024

       But induction heating effect drops off approximately with the square of distance. That's why induction compatible pans need very flat bottoms; a non uniform surface with varying distances from the induction element won't heat evenly. Spots on your pouch 10mm away from the coil will receive 100x less energy than those 1mm away.   

       And that's assuming you use a surface element. For an induction oven, the energy requirement by volume increases by the 3rd power. Cubed rather than squared.
a1, May 28 2024


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