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Car Garage

The garage looks just like your car, except larger.
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Now you can keep your car outside year around without fear of freezing snow, beating sun or grand theft. You’re proud of your car, and you want to show it off to the whole town, at three times its size. How can this be done, you may ask.

You keep your car in a car garage, a fiberglass replica that shelters but flaunts your wheels. Available for the 20 most popular models and factory painted to match, this six-piece kit can be mounted and bolted to the foundation in one hour flat.

No discerning, kitsch connoisseur would be without such a dazzling addition to the humble abode.

FarmerJohn, Dec 14 2002


       Convertible models available as well
thumbwax, Dec 14 2002

       Hm. I'll just point out that *everyone* will install the Rolls Royce model (or all those that don't install the Porsche, at least). ("Oh yeah, my Rolls is in the workshop - they're gold-plating the wing mirrors - they lent me this old thing until the job's done.")
DrCurry, Dec 14 2002

       [thumb] probably, but they'll let the rain in.
egbert, Dec 15 2002

       <sigh>It's Convertible
thumbwax, Dec 15 2002

       At three times the size of your car, there should be plenty of room.
FarmerJohn, Dec 15 2002

       <<sigh>> and your point is, [thumb]?
egbert, Dec 15 2002

       Doesn't this kinda tip off the car thieves where the better cars are located? Croissant for the visual though....
Marassa, Dec 15 2002

       egbert, the top goes up *or* down and can be stopped, say - halfway - to let natural light in 'n stuff.
thumbwax, Dec 15 2002

       you say that like its a *bad* thing
po, Dec 17 2002

       I'd egg the car garage just as well!
smok44, Aug 20 2003


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