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ultrasonic beam raindrop blaster

Use a focused ultrasonic beam and missile defense technology to aim and blast rain drop.
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Ultrasonic wave can break water apart by creating vapor bubble within. If they can develop detection system pinpoint missile miles away, calculate fly path of rain should be easy. Track the raindrops and then blast them with a focused ultrasonic wave. The fine water particle created can then be directed by air stream or electrical static field away from you because now the surface to weight and charge to weight ratio has both increased significantly.

This is closest feasible way I can think of to create a personal rain deflection shield. I could use an umbrella but how fun would that be. I like the idea that I can walk around in the rain with nothing cover over my head but remain relatively dry. Maybe leaving a trail of fine mist behind me.

bing, Mar 19 2002

Rain drop velocity table http://www.shorstme.../float/rdtable.html
Table listing of sizes of rain drop and their teminal velocity. [bing, Mar 19 2002]


       make it weigh less than my gore-tex hat, jacket and pants combo and you have a sale.   

       there must be some cold-war technology kicking around we could apply to this? maybe build one big enough to cover Vancouver?
rbl, Mar 19 2002

       A large fan that creates a dome of rapidly rising air might shield you, no?
bristolz, Mar 19 2002

       Or phenomenally hot outer garments - evaporate the rain before it can touch you. Not desiccating the wearer might be an issues though...
mcscotland, Mar 19 2002

       [rbl]: You have a hat built in to your pants?!
jester, Mar 20 2002

       portable, backpack-mounted, propane-powered miniature turbofan (exhaust pointed skyward) would do the trick for about $10,567,000 cheaper. Also wouldn't require the output of a small nuclear reactor.
whlanteigne, Mar 11 2008

       //This is closest feasible way I can think of//   

       ...In soviet russia, you don't blast drop, drop blasts you...   

       This idea is much more enjoyable to read in a faux-russian accent.
Custardguts, Mar 11 2008

       I freakin' love ultrasonic beams, dude.   

Giblet, Mar 11 2008


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