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Paddle your way to work
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I live a few miles along a river from my workplace, and so, if I wanted to, I could kayak to work.

My colleague lives in the city centre and sadly cannot kayak to work no matter how much she wants to.

But wait! She *could* - if she had a Kayakar!

Viewed from above, the Kayakar looks somewhat like a rectangular paddling pool (of car-like length and width). The kayak is in the centre of the pool, attached to the ends by springy rope things.

The paddle has various sensors in its blades. Brake and accelerator pedals are inside the kayak, which also has a steering wheel on it.

Beneath the pool are the wheels, suspension, and other such car parts. The engine is still in front, so the paddling pool can be lower-slung.)

When the kayaker paddles, the sensors detect the direction and force of the stroke and the Kayakar turns and accelerates or brakes accordingly. (Possibly the degree of enhancement could be adjusted so lazy kayakers would only need to make one languid stroke to turn a corner, while fitter ones would paddle furiously to do the same.)

The springy rope things keep the kayak from straying too far off centre.

If the kayaker becomes tired, or needs to make an emergency manoeuvre, she or he can just use the steering wheel and pedals as usual.

Kayakers, why remain restricted to the waterways? With the Kayakar, you can conquer the highways!

imaginality, Jul 18 2006

Kayaks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayak
Like canoes but different [imaginality, Jul 18 2006]


       I like this. But it shouldn't have pedals or a steering wheel. Instead, when the paddler becomes fatigued, maybe she can start a small outboard. Your kayakar needs four wheel steering, so it can move sideways too.   

       I don't know if you'd want this on public roads, but it would be a cool toy.
jmvw, Jul 18 2006

       What stops the water from sloshing out of the pool during braking, acceleration, and cornering? Extremely high sides?
Texticle, Jul 19 2006

       Or it could be gimballed.
jmvw, Jul 20 2006

       I hadn't considered the possibility of beating land-locked urban mariners.   


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