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Car Hat Car

hat with car
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Car Hat Car is a bowler type hat. ie one with a raised rim around its perimeter. This rim prevents the toy car which orbits the hat from escaping, due to centrifugal force. The car derives its power by induction from a battery pack stored in the hat.

At night the car headlamps come on. When it rains the windscreen wipers begin to operate. In the summer time, the roof window opens. In winter Car Hat Car deploys a little plow to clear the rim of snow deposits.

Car Hat comes with a choice of vehicles, which can run in either direction.

The entire purpose of the Car Hat Car to ensure that the wearer's head stays on a totally even keel, because any deviation from the level causes the car to begin blaring its horn and making horrible engine revving sounds.

xenzag, Feb 21 2012


       It won't work for me, because my glasses lenses are progressives, and the sweet spot for vision depends on the distance, so my head inclination varies a few degrees depending on what I'm looking at.   

       But I'd wear one on occasion anyway ;-)
normzone, Feb 21 2012

       Sheer genius.
Alterother, Feb 22 2012

       Was good until the last paragraph.. Who needs a reason?
simonj, Feb 22 2012

       Yeah, the concept stands on its own merit.
Alterother, Feb 22 2012

       I WANT ONE! [+] ...and perhaps one that re-creates the final scene from Thelma and Louise, except this time the car bursts into flames.
Grogster, Feb 22 2012

       [+] Should not be worn whilst drinking...?
Car Hat drunk driving warning!
xandram, Feb 22 2012

       I agree, it was going great until the last paragraph. Reason? We don't need no stinking reason!   

       Make one and sell me it. :D I'll trade you a car hat car for a sourdough croissant.
Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012


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