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Direction Sensory Hat

Finally, Gender Equality in finding a parked automobile...
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A hat (or headband) with an electronic compass (see links below) and electrodes in at least 8 points around the brim where it touches the head. The idea is that the compass detects magnetic north and conveys "rough north" via subtle vibrations against the users head.

This is obviously a very expensive and convoluted substitution for just looking at a compass, but I've always been facinated with the possibility of adding new senses. I believe that it would help someone internally map a new area faster than normal.

If somebody actually builds this, please let me know, or at least submit to www.hackaday.com :)

johnwun, Sep 29 2006

Sensing magnetic fields Quick_20and_20dirty_20cyborg
works just as well with 2 Rare earth magnets on either side of your finger. No need for surgery, and easily removable... [johnwun, Sep 29 2006]

the Compass Chip http://www.globalsp...tal_Compass/11354/0
Chips like these are getting smaller, cheaper and more widely distributed... [johnwun, Sep 29 2006]

actuators??? http://www.physikin...Ccpk5&sortnr=100800
Something like this might work for the "sensory" contacts... [johnwun, Sep 29 2006]

Vibrating body compass http://www.wired.co...hive/15.04/esp.html
I was aware of Udo Wächter's project and thought a haptic compass hat would be a good idea. A quick search showed it was already half-baked here. [AusCan531, May 05 2012]


       Of course, the Mapquest/GPS upgrade option is pricey but useful.
normzone, Sep 29 2006

       Of course, yes the Heads Up Display comes next, but we'll have to wait for the laser scanning contact-lens projection device to become a little more widely distributed first. :)
johnwun, Sep 29 2006

       toy? are you toying with us?
po, Sep 29 2006

       make it car: parking and you have my vote!   

       what does gender have to do with this?
po, Sep 29 2006

       Nothing really, except that it's funny.   

       The "hat" idea would give everyone a leg up, so one could mentally exchange the word 'gender' with 'species' and see that it would raise all of humanity to the elite level of ducks and geese. (at least for those of us who could afford such a device.)
johnwun, Sep 29 2006

       Could be done with 3 points, and triangulation.
Dub, Sep 30 2006

       Dub: Not really. Triangulation requires three external points to find a point on the inside.   

       This hat idea could function with as little as 1 sensor, as long as you didn't mind doing a pirouette to find north. It could have as many actuators as were practical for the battery life. I'd love to see a version that had 360 actuators so you were in constant contact with where north was. That said though, I think 8 would suffice for a balance of awareness and charge longevity.
johnwun, Sep 30 2006

       No, 3 antennas (on a had) detecting a single point signal source - Use the 1 or 2 strongest detected signals to home-in?   

       Some British Police cars use this method for locating stolen vehicles
Dub, Oct 01 2006

       I had same idea but way too late. Baked and halfbaked. [link]
AusCan531, May 05 2012

       We consider that a simple magnetic compass integrated into the peak of a baseball cap would be useful for some directionally-challenged individuals.   

       The compass would have some sort of mirror and lens system to allow a virtual graticule to be viewed. The deluxe version would have an integral illumination source to allow it to be used at night.
8th of 7, Dec 21 2020

       It's instantly doable and a little entertaining.   

       Alibaba has laser pointers, with a battery for 15 cents. They have cloth hats for five cents, and a CPU is 1 cent
beanangel, Dec 22 2020


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