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Self-cocking Fedora

No more adjusting.
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A system of weights and gyros would be employed in this state-of-the-art hat to ensure that the fedora is cocked at the most stylish angle, for maximum eye-shadowing and silhouette. Merely hold the hat in the way specifically instructed in the Self-Cocking Fedora manual, drop it, and the hat will sit upon your head perfectly. The added weight would keep the hat securely on your head--no more hat-grabbing in high winds, and the over-the-eye angle helps ensure that the wind doesn't snatch away your hideously expensive gadget-ridden hat.

Only by order, each hat must be made a perfect fit to your head. So measure it right.

Eugene, Jul 21 2003

self-leveling windproof hat http://www.halfbake...g_20Windproof_20Hat
Similar, but born with practicality, not style, in mind. All well and good, but doesn't bake the fedora. [Eugene, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       This is one of the two things that succeed when they're cockups.
FarmerJohn, Jul 22 2003

       Sir. How dare you insinuate that the idea of the self-leveling windproof hat could ever have been conceived in a mind that held any thoughts of practicality. Take that back now. [stares at Eugene.]
st3f, Jul 22 2003

       Are they available with auto-doffing for when you pass someone in the street?
AO, Jul 22 2003

       AO. funny you should say that, years ago i remember seeing diagrams for strange inventions, and there was a bowler hat that had this mechanism that would tip the hat if you nodded you head. The idea was that if your hands were full, and you passed a woman in the street, you could still be polite.   

       but I realy don't think a hat should be heavy, unless it's a helmet. Hey... how about fedora hard hats for the well dressed construction worker? (LOL!)
-wess, Jul 22 2003

       Apologies, [st3f]. I merely wanted to point out that although the ideas were similar, they are, in fact, most definitely different.   

       [AO]--as for doffing, one does not doff a fedora; one touches the brim in a negligent kind of salute.   

       [wess]--just enough weight, not that much. I think that the gyros wouldn't really be necessary, merely the small lead weights. We're speaking of _just enough_ weight to do the job. Bear in mind that the hat is made from a very fine felt, a light material.
Eugene, Jul 22 2003

       Hello Blissmiss! yeah i know, i haven't been here for a while.   

       good to see ya'
-wess, Jul 23 2003


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