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High hats

Ethnic elements in haute couture
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Applauding the cross-cultural borrowings of the world's fashion designers I hasten to help them to do more of it.

My idea grew out of watching European tourists on tv failing completely to carry loads on their heads, no hands, the way some African tribes-women do.

How about a fashion designer enabling his/her models to wear huge high hats gracefully by building battery-driven gyroscopes into them?

A consumer head-load-carrying version adapted for use in crowded cities would fit two pedestrians into every square meter instead of one with no bags and packs and cases bumping into each other.

The problem of tall and short people's head-loads colliding would be solved by a regulation requiring gyroscopically controlled head-loads to be no wider than the shoulders.

Batteries suddenly running flat would be a problem. I think I'll put the half-baked nonsense on ice until hydrogen fuel cells are available.

rayfo, Dec 15 2000




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