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Low Rider Baseball Cap

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It's been a while since I spent time in the Mission district of San Francisco, but I recall the Saturday night cruise, when the buses were diverted and the low-riders took to the streets in force.

What I enjoyed most using some sort of powered suspension system.

This is exactly the sort of action possible with the Low Rider Baseball Cap. Simple miniaturised hydraulics concealed under the cap enables the visor to imitate the bouncing bonnet of a classic low-rider.

Low RIder Baseball Cap has no practical function other than to deter resting flies, flick off the odd drop of rain, or signal to other wearers (actually that's quite a lot of uses)

xenzag, Jan 18 2010

would be great for my e-book hat E-book_20Hat
shameless self promotion [afinehowdoyoudo, Jan 18 2010]


       Hmm. How times change. The last time I saw an idea like this, the purpose was to allow a gentleman to tip his top hat to a lady, while his hands were full.   

       Bun for bringing back hat-tipping. And for something that would be fun to see.
baconbrain, Jan 18 2010

       //bouncing bonnet// heh
bnip, Jan 18 2010

       Tip of the bun to you [+]. Does that get into a speaker system and/or neon underlighting at all or is that something elae?
Mustardface, Jan 18 2010

po, Jan 19 2010


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