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Car Noises Music CD

A normal music CD with the sounds of a car falling apart mixed in.
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How about a CD that starts out as a normal CD then 10 minutes into the CD very faintly (mixed in) there are sounds of the muffler falling off, or the radiator hissing, or the transmission gears grinding... etc and it gets louder as the CD goes on. Of course if the CD was played in a home stereo the effect would be lost.
Amishman35, Feb 15 2001


       <grin> I Like this.
StarChaser, Feb 16 2001

       me too.
beauxeault, Feb 16 2001

       You know, to make this really convincing to unwary passengers, you'd have to publish it in several different music styles, so the opera devotee wouldn't have to convince his friends that he really wanted to listen to Madonna, for instance.   

       But I bet it wouldn't take too much programming skill to publish a cheap little shareware package that would automatically mix the car noises into a home-burned audio CD with music chosen by the user.
beauxeault, Feb 16 2001

       "Why does my transmission make that noise every time I listen to Abba?"
hippo, Feb 16 2001

       I don't need a cd for that. My car already sounds like that on it's own. What I need is a cd that makes the sounds of smoothly running car. I could play tracks for a Lincoln, a Mustang, a Porsche, a Bug, etc. depending on my mood. And it would be a lot cheaper than actually fixing my dragging tailpipe, engine knock, squeaks,etc.
brainiac, Feb 21 2001

       Songs that feature sirens have fooled me more than once.
TickleMeElmo, May 20 2001

       I must confess to that too...

The beginning of "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen can do some similar effects.
AfroAssault, Oct 16 2001

       Why is it that every time 'Beaver Patrol' (PWEI) comes on I'm going 'round a roundabout with a couple of pissed goths/metalers in the back.
st3f, Oct 16 2001

       I like [brainiac]s idea.
ploopyboy, Sep 19 2002

       what [beaux] said.
neilp, Dec 20 2004

       If you car radio has longwave support you can tune it into the engine. Each spark creates a click on the radio and because the clicks are so fast you get a nice low rumble that sounds like a powerful sports car. The sound changes as your revs do so its actually very realistic. Wind down the windows, crank up the volume and you can fool any blind pedestrians that you have a powerful car.   

       nb: don't try this in a diesel - no sparks....
AliMon, Sep 21 2005

       I had gotten so used to sirens in songs that when I was being pulled over I actually thought it was the radio.
Jscotty, Sep 21 2005


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