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car radio

Get your hometown stations when traveling
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In my part of the country (Florida), everyone tells you how much 'better' things are 'back home'. With the advent of satellite and internet technology, these people would love to listen to their favorite hometown stations rather than the 'crap available here'--a wrong perception by the way. This radio would tune in to their favorite station and DJ's from whence they commeth. They may even drive better by listening to the traffic reports from, say, Chicago. (They drive as if they have never seen the highway before now.) At the very least they may even put down their cell p
dave, Jul 25 2000

Live BBC Radio stations (for rmutt) http://www.bbc.co.uk/
Listen to BBC Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, and the World Service. Just click on the "Live Radio" links at the bottom of the page.
6:30pm (UK time) on weekdays is when we have comedy on Radio 4. It's currently "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" on Mondays.
John Peel is Radio 1, Tuesday to Thursday, 10pm-midnight.
Mark & Lard is Radio 1, weekdays 1pm to 3pm. [Jim, Jul 25 2000]


       I want BBC Radio 4. For that matter, can I get BBC2 on american telly? This Yank didn't realize how gobsmackingly stupid his native TV was until he spent some time in Blighty.
rmutt, Jul 25 2000

       Long as it didn't make folks unconsciously drive on the wrong side of the street.   

       BTW, this idea could probably get deserved attention with a more specific name.
syost, Jul 25 2000

       I believe that continuous seeking satellite tv antenna systems are already available and some of the services provide music along with tv. These things are designed for RVs but nothing would stop you from mounting one on your car. Wouldn't be hometown music but it wouldn't be Florida either. (Our hometown stations also suck.)
coaster, Feb 17 2001

       Many (most?) radio stations let you listen to their music via streaming audio over the Internet. Assuming your favorite hometown station did this, you'd just need a wireless Internet link, and those are available today (if a little expensive).   

       This doesn't yet come in a box, but...
egnor, Feb 17 2001

       Rmutt: My father had a satellite system until just recently, and one of the channels was BBC. <I don't think it had a number associated with it, just 'BBC'.>
StarChaser, Feb 18 2001


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