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Car Audio Theft Deterrent

Nobody carries detachable faceplates!
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There must be a viable alternative to the antiquated "detachable faceplate" feature. Faceplates for car stereos are just too clumsy to be carrying around with you, and most end up in the glove compartment anyway (to the delight of car audio theives). How about a chip-encoded key that must be inserted to operate the stereo? Or better yet, a user-defined PIN? Either of these should be easy to implement with today's technology, but I guess there isn't much incentive for car audio manufacturers to keep their products from being stolen.
VentElation, Jan 20 2004


       Lots of car radios already have a PIN that must be entered when you install the radio (specifically, when you connect it to the car battery/power supply).
kropotkin, Jan 20 2004


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