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Car Points

Car Points
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This would be a bluetooth or GPS activiated smartphone app that keeps track of other versions of itself that pass in traffic or on the street and accumulates points so that you have some sense of neighborlyness on the highway. So if someone wanted to cut in front of you and they had some car points on your system (which would pop up on your google glasses) you would let them in more readily as a neighborly gesture, whereas if they had no car points you could be more wary and not extend them the same measure of neighborlyness since they were "foreigners" or "freshman" and needed to taught the life lesson that life is rough but you have to keep smiling in the face of un- neigborly-ness until you finally get access by chance or through the great magnanimity of someone acting in a way that they cant be expected to act, whereupon you can start to show un-neigborly-ness to people who are like you used to be, as a life lesson, and in gratitude to your mentor who acted so un-expectedly.
JesusHChrist, Dec 13 2012

Car points http://www.flickr.c...s/audin/2729189160/
[normzone, Dec 13 2012]


       This is sort of interesting - I like how it is not a system for penalizing people or anonymously reporting them to the police.
phundug, Dec 13 2012

normzone, Dec 13 2012

       The only problem I foresee is that if the same maniac cuts in front of you repeatedly, you will end up being extra kind to him, thinking (s)he's some sort of friend that you've seen many times.   

       So the GPS thing should possibly not count situations where (you're driving 30+ MPH) and (other car's speed is > 20 more than you).
phundug, Dec 13 2012

       Digitalizing karma is only a short step from commercializing it.
Alterother, Dec 13 2012

       //Digitalizing karma is only a short step from commercializing it.// Would _you_ buy a second- hand karma from this person?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 13 2012

       I would buy karma from the devil. How about it [8th]?
Voice, Dec 13 2012


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