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Assertion-Based Social Network

Profiles by Committee
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This is an idea for a social networking website, where instead of filling out a profile, you can assert a number of theories regarding yourself. Anything from "i have blue eyes" to "i'm pretty outgoing" to "i like to drive an ice cream truck around that plays joplin's rag, but never actually stop, so that kids get false hopes". Then, your friends can either agree or disagree with your assertions. If enough friends agree, these assertions can turn into facts; if friends disagree, these assertions turn into lies.

Friends can also assert theories about you, like "Johnny always takes at least 30 minutes in the shower". And then you (and the rest of your friends) can either agree or disagree.

In the end, what you have is a profile, more or less, but it's far more accurate than any other online social networking site. It's useful for:
* getting to know your friends
* figuring out just how well your friends know you
* understanding how your own perception of yourself measures up to your friends' perception of you

Unfortunately, this doesn't work well for loners. It also doesn't work for online friendships quite as well as it does with friendships that you maintain offline.

carpeliam, Jan 31 2006

Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com
lets you endorse other people's (work based) assertions [neilp, Jan 31 2006]

Dorian Grey Image Registry Dorian_20Grey_20Image_20Registry
[theircompetitor, Jan 31 2006]


moomintroll, Jan 31 2006

       welcome [carpeliam], an interesting idea. I wonder, have you seen Linkedin (see link) ? here you can get friends, colleagues etc. to Endorse your work in a previous role, which is similar, but different.

P.S. I couldn't help but notice your profile page says "I'm an idea man" are we to take it that this will be your sole offering ? or are you missing a (really very profound) comma ?

I'm an idea, man.
neilp, Jan 31 2006

       I am happy to assert that [moomintroll] is almost certainly made of cheese.
neilp, Jan 31 2006

       /insertion-based social networks/   

       I visited a club like that once.
bungston, Jan 31 2006

       /It also doesn't work for online friendships quite as well as it does with friendships that you maintain offline./   

       Sure it does. You'll just have different assertions. Instead of "Johnny always takes at least 30 minutes in the shower", you have "Johnny512 always makes at least 30 comments daily on his friends' blogs."   

       Sounds like a cool idea.
flicken, Jan 31 2006

       /Did you fit right in?/   

       Right _and_ left!
bungston, Jan 31 2006

       :D thanks, [neilp]. that *would* be profound.. just an idea floating in the ether. pretty cosmic.   

       but yeah, you can expect more ideas to follow.   

       it's a fact, then- [moomintroll] is made of cheese.
carpeliam, Feb 01 2006

       Congratulations [moom]. It normally takes people years to acheive such a status.
hidden truths, Feb 01 2006

       The [moom] is made of green cheese... the song says so.
Jinbish, Feb 01 2006

       "Rate me cheese" or not
reensure, Feb 01 2006

       Last winter we had a mouse come stay in the flat. Luckily, I was able to hide my True Nature by wearing thick glasses and pretending to be a journalist. Completely fooled.
moomintroll, Feb 01 2006


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