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Blind meetup/dating

Like Omegal... but with increased chance of getting physically assaulted.
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This is a website, where you place a few markers on the map on where you prefer to meet another random person. (and also a range of area/time that you are open to meet new people)

On a random day, you will receive a sms (or email), that says "do you want to meet somebody at (location) on 'certain time' ". If you accept, it will notify that person, that you want to meet... and then if they accept, you will be notified.

Now then, you shall meet for a small chat, say hello... and quite likely say 'kthx bai' in person, without exchanging phone numbers.

But you will meet a person, regardless...

------------- If they don't turn up, just downvote your experience, and they will not meet as many new people. (nicer people however, are more likely to blindmeet other nicer people)

mofosyne, Jul 28 2010


       or go out into the street now and talk to the first stranger you meet...
po, Jul 28 2010

       ...or bump into someone's shopping cart at WalMart.
xandram, Jul 28 2010

       [po] Doesn't work in places where any stranger who addresses you is either proselytizing or begging.   

       [Akimbomidget] Should involve cloak-and-dagger nonsense like "I will be wearing a red carnation, and carrying a copy of yesterday's Times in my left hand. The passphrase will be 'Le lance-knecht frappe a minuit.'"
mouseposture, Jul 29 2010

       [mouse] I'm doing the addressing and just chatting.
po, Jul 29 2010

       [po] Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant: In those places, people would assume you were begging or proselytizing, and cross the street, change train cars, etc. to avoid you.
mouseposture, Jul 29 2010

       ...just like they do now! ;o)
DrBob, Jul 29 2010

       of course!
po, Jul 29 2010


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