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Car Radio Baby Listener

Avoid becoming trapped in your own car
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Babies are exceptionally good at falling asleep in cars. Sadly they tend to do it just as you pull up in front of home leaving you with an uncomfortable dilemma. If you lift baby he or she will wake up, extremely pissed off at you, and remain in a fractious mood until bedtime. If you let them sleep you have to sit in the car for an hour, staring out of the window and wondering why you didn't bring a book.

The Car Radio Baby Listener is just like a standard in-car radio/cd player but for two things:

1) It has a small "Baby Listener" button which changes the radio function from receive to transmit. It picks up audio from a mic in the front panel and broadcasts it on the frequency of your choice for a couple of hundred metres. You can then park in front of your house, lock the car and keep an ear on the sleeeping baby using any radio.

2) It comes with two removable fascias, the standard smart black fascia so beloved of Pioneer et.al. and a white and pink plastic fascia with big friendly blue buttons in the shape of teddy bears.

wagster, May 26 2009

Babies left in cars Babies_20left_20in_20cars
The reason I'm worried - I'm thinking back 9 years to this idea. [Aristotle, May 26 2009]


       There's just no way I'm leaving the baby in the car all alone, that's not safe enough no matter what I can hear. What if the kid wakes up? It can be very frightening to wake up in the car all alone wondering where daddy is. - all around.
zeno, May 26 2009

       Beware. These kind of ideas often cause massive arguments. Leaving a baby in a car is a hugely contraversial act.   

       I'd probably recommend either bringing a book or coming up with some original method of extracting a sleeping baby from a car without waking the little darling.
Aristotle, May 26 2009

       this might be an intercultural misunderstanding : many SUV in the US of A are bigger than UK houses, have AC to make a chip factory proud, and are built like tanks. so leaving the baby in the car is akin to leaving it in a huge bedroom, inside a bunker, inside a chip factory. - I am not sure whether [wagster] is from the US, but that would explain it.
loonquawl, May 26 2009

       No, I actually live in Ireland in a small village. I left the baby to finish sleeping in the car yesterday but I had to leave the car window and the front door open so that I could hear him waking. I was just thinking of a solution for when it rained, I wasn't really suggesting you leave the baby out on the street in New York and listen out for him from an apartment!   

       Mind you, I'd forgotten that babies were a blue touchpaper subject.
wagster, May 26 2009

       I may simply be over-cautious as the event that got me worried about this happened over 9 years ago (see link).
Aristotle, May 26 2009

       //Mind you, I'd forgotten that babies were a blue touchpaper subject.// Not for me. Seems like a perfectly reasonable idea. Of course there might be some mad solution, that involves all sorts of elaborate apparatus interfacing with highly trained primates... but sometimes simple is best [+]
xenzag, May 26 2009


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