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"backchair" Car Seat

proper posture back chairs for the interior of autos
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All the interior car seats in an auto would be like the kind you might have seen at a computer workstation. Those backchairs that people kneel into so that their weight on their legs, not the lower back, so that the ride would be more comfortable. The brake and gas pedels would have to be designed under your feet in the new orientation.
Huge, Dec 13 2002

backchair http://www.kneelsit.com/
[Huge, Oct 04 2004]


       Yea it probably would be more comfortable to a degree ; but in case the driver totals the car, he would fly headlong thru the windscreen.   

       The reason car seats are inclined backwards is to protect the body from flying ahead bcos of impact, where the legs pressing against the car panel act as a force opposing the force that would send your body ahead.   

       Altho unfortunately the legs do end up acting as a pivot upon which the upper body swings fwd (whh is the reason for airbags); It still keeps the driver in the car and comparitively safer.
joker_of_the_deck, Dec 13 2002

       The safety restraint system would have to be very different; you'd have to protect against front and rear movement, probably by dual airbags plus a harness. But I think this merits further investigation, and a croissant.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2002

       I thought this was backhair car seat. Come to think of a it, a car seat that shaved your back while driving would be rather convenient.
notme, Dec 13 2002

       (takes off former visor engineer hat and puts on former seat belt engineer hat) Yeah the whole restraint system would need a complete re-think.   

       Would people even be able to get in and out of the seat from the side? Handicapped people?   

       And whiplash would become a major concern without a proper head restraint. Headrests, (at least the better ones), are designed to minimize the potential for whiplash. I'm not certain there'd be any way to confine the movement here. Airbags front and back might remotely work, but I doubt it would be that effective, and then there's the question of timing. If hit from the front, the airbag deployment timing would need to be different than from the rear. Doable, I guess, but complex and highly variable.   

       You wouldn't want pedals at all, I'd imagine, as these would be too easily accessible by rear passengers. Hand controls only.   

       And then of course, there's the whole issue of Junior and the 'bounce-the-basketball-against-the-seatback' routine.
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2002

       I remember reading somewhere that a large percentage of those who have to be cut out of wrecks are trapped by the legs. This chair would solve that problem. Drive by wire systems have been around long enough to make hand controls possible. The seat doesn't have to be backless, in fact some sort of lateral support would probably be required, and this could be extended upwards to support a head restraint.   

       The problem of getting in and out could be solved by having the chair swivel slightly towards the open door, as happens on some MPVs I think. I also seem to remember a while ago there was an automatic seatbelt on the market which slid back along the doorframe as you closed the door, pinning you helplessly in place.   

       I think this is an excellent idea. Although it won't suit all drivers, the technology already exists to make it bakeable.
egbert, Dec 13 2002

       Plus, you'd be adding several additional pivot points to the crash scene to have to control. Picture trying to contain a garbage bag filled with fluid and a few sticks in it, and that's what the human body is like under accident loads.   

       <clicking on link> This chair's different than what I imagined. The ones I've seen just have a keeler, a padded ankle rod, and a small seat.
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2002

       I like cruise control on the highway because I slide my seat back and sit "Indian style" (that may be called something different across the pond). Alternatively, I tend to drive with my left foot up on the dash. Both of these positions are due to lower back problems and the uncomfortable position of car and truck seats. Likewise, if I'm the passenger, my boots are off and both feet are up on the dash. So, for trying to solve the problem of how to sit comfortably in a vehicle, croissant.
Marassa, Dec 13 2002

       I hate those chairs. Does anyone actually use one of them for 8 hours a day? I think I'd rather just stand.   

       But it's not a bad idea as long as it's an option, i.e., not in my car.
crawdaddy, Dec 13 2002

       [marassa] both left feet, or just the one? <manfully avoiding cheap joined-at-the-hip jibe>
egbert, Dec 14 2002


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