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Back Seat Front Seat Tube

A simple tube that the lone parent uses to dole out bits of food or small toys, even drinks, using the patented "nipple end"
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Sure the arm works most of the time, but not so well in a bigger car, or in a standard. The tube mounts either of the front seats, and arcs to the mouth/ hand area of the small child. This way, animal crackers, apple juice or a well lubed barbie can slide to the kid in the amounts you prefer, not the shameless demands lil' Saddam.
acerrubrum, Dec 15 2003


       Can we have an illustration?
Freefall, Dec 16 2003

       Toss the Animal Crackers at the kids from the front seat (bonus points if you hit em).. They'll eventually find it and eat it. As for the apple juice part, why don't you buy juice boxes. They seem to be just the right size and I think its easier than pouring apple juice in a "tube" down the kids gullets. Just a thought..
v0rtexx, Dec 16 2003

       When the trip is long and the child is very young, the juice box becomes a water gun, and the bottle just hits the floor. If the diameter of the bottle were just smaller than the tube except on the backseat terminal end, the bottle would slide down to the child and stop, nipple extended. Also, there would have to be a lever to tilt the mechanism up to retrieve the bottle, and a neutral position so the thing wasn't always in junior's face.
probabilly, Dec 16 2003

       Add some robotic arm to pick up toys and we have a deal. In my career as driver mothers with little kids in the car top the list of traffic hazards. When the sucker screams they can't resist turning around and groping on the floor. As risk they are way above cell phone users and drunk driving.
kbecker, Dec 16 2003

       My thoughts exactly...
k_sra, Dec 17 2003


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