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Car War Correspondents

Provide daily reminders of statistical reality
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We've all heard the numbers on how much safer flying is than driving, yet airline business still dips after every accident. To help put things in perspective, media organizations could run daily broadcasts/articles/etc. on all of the car accidents that happened around the world each day. Gruesome photos of the wrecks. Interviews with the tearful next-of-kin and with the newly differently abled survivors, asking them how they felt at the moment of impact. Pie charts and maps, with a daily briefing from someone gruff in uniform.

News services would have to enlist the aid of real war reporters, since the information becomes numbing after a while, and needs to be constantly recast so that it's still news. Airlines should be glad to pony up to support the concept, treating these as paid advertisements.

buffaloboy, Aug 16 2002


       Wouldn't a better solution be less coverage of _any_ wrecks, on ground or in air? Or might this all be a wee bit tongue-in-cheek? I smell a rant.....
banshee, Aug 17 2002

       Baked. Those horror videos they show in Driver's Ed courses. This idea seems a little disrespectful to the dearly departed.   

       But I haven't gotten my very own Ed yet, and I want a refund for that course.
polartomato, Aug 17 2002

       Croozin' around da damn main alleys o' mah crib town brings some fresh mainin' t' dangerous croozin', at no moment yo' ass could be jumped by some kinda' guys wit' heats demandin' dat yo' ass git out o' yo' Caddy an' surrenda' all yo' valubles. Showin' dis would deta' sucka's from croozin' deir Caddys.
Gulherme, Aug 17 2002


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