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Celebrity News Filter

Reclaim Your Sanity!
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The Celebrity News Filter runs as a proxy with a backend filtering service that automatically blocks any web content or email containing mentions or photos of:

* Paris Hilton * Nicole Richie * Tom Cruise * anyone appearing on the cover of "US" or "People" * any baby of the above

You can live in a world refreshingly free of speculation on Nicole Richie's anorexia, and reclaim the part of your brain that's currently cluttered with trivia about who the Olson Twins are dating this week.

tspyz, Oct 03 2006


       Many existing web news interfaces let you customize what's shown to you. For instance, in google news, you can edit each section; one option when editing is to delete the section altogether.
jutta, Oct 04 2006

       So I guess I'll be the last one to know when Nicole Richie negotiates the end to the Mid-East crisis, or Paris Hilton launches a nuclear strike on Manhattan...?   

       Actually, my current celebrity filter works pretty well - it's called "TURN THE TV OFF!"
DrCurry, Oct 04 2006

       If i could send the results of my searches to india or china, and get back only the 10% or so I wish to read or browse, I would do it in a heartbeat.   

       I really hate being unable to read page two of an article you can see just below the fold, because you have to wait for the junk to load.
popbottle, Jan 23 2017


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