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Car Wash Marionettes

Enjoy a puppet show while getting your auto cleaned.
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Pull into the automatic car wash. As it starts up and you begin to move forward, several marionettes are lowered down just in front of the car and perform a mime visual play or a dance for you during the wash. They move forward at the same rate as the car, perhaps driven by the same mechanism. The strings are computer controlled, and the play is preprogrammed. They move through the water and soap and brushes and air blower just as you do (these events could be incorporated as elements of the presentation).

The world's cleanest marionettes.

waugsqueke, Apr 27 2003


       Heh. You could do thias with checkout lines at Costco, too. Maybe even security lines at the airport.
bristolz, Apr 27 2003

       i have to fishbone this, because the thought just creeps me out beyond belief.
igirl, Apr 27 2003

       I'd like my car cleaned by mimes. Slave mimes. And none of this 'I'm washing your invisible car stuff'. I'll be watching.
Cedar Park, Apr 28 2003

       So you mean a string quartet in wet Tshirts is pitifully pressed to the glass while their bare buns are whipped and scrubbed? +
FarmerJohn, Apr 28 2003

       She ain't got nothin' but, nothin' but one safety pin holdin' that thing on. Come on safety pin, POP. Come on baby, POP.
thumbwax, Apr 28 2003

       I think I like this for the same reason that [igirl] doesn't.
Don Quixote, Apr 28 2003


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