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car wash lane

wash your car while driving
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they should add a lane to streets equiped with car wash equipment so you can get a wash on your way to work.. this would be much more efficient than taking the time to get a car wash when you get gas since you would just get in the car wash lane on your way to work, to the movies.... make the lane long so you dont have to slow down, like 5 miles at 60mph would get you a 5 min wash. It would probably be best to put a camera on the shoulder and send the bill to the car owner.. or they could put a free wash lane in the HOV lanes to encourage car pooling
gthorlak, Aug 09 2000


       One thing that I would be concerned about is the fact that I can never see out of my windows in the car wash. I've never turned on the windshield wipers, but I assmue it's like driving in a hurricane. You would have to make the lane enclosed and put glowing guide lines on the cement and maybe even the sides so people will stay in the lane. Also, spraying water from below into the underbody of a vehicle while it's motion is bad for the brakes. It's also a huge waste of water. Why not just take a drive while it's raining?
lockle, Aug 15 2000

       The "car wash lane" tunnel could be a tube made from, say, rubber, so when the car is being washed, and the driver can't see the road, any swerve left or right will simply take the car up the side, in complete safety.
PotatoPete, Mar 31 2001

       Car pooling? Sounds like a car sponge bath.
decafsilicon, May 09 2001

       You won't have to worry about wasting water if you recycle it. Have all the water that is collected in the drains filtered and used again (it'll already be soapy).
dr_photon, Mar 03 2002

       . . . also oily, crummy, dirty . . .
neelandan, Mar 04 2002


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