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Car Wash Symphony

Set Your Mood
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When you drive into the car wash you come to a halt beside a panel of buttons which displays a variety of music. Make your selection and then the show begins.

Let's assume that you're wanting to psyche yourself up for a big day at work, and you select Beethoven's 5th. You wait through a few seconds of silent anticipation, then at the first...

DA DA DA daaaa

a wall of blue water sprays up from your right side....

DA DA DA daaaaaa

a wall of red water sprays up from your left side....


the music takes off and your car is washed in a symphony of lighted water and music (created by beams of light similar to fountain displays). You exit and start your day inspired.

Or perhaps you would prefer to unwind on the way home with your favourite easy listening piece. The kids could be catered for with songs such as "Splish Splash I was taking a Bath".

Other selections may include "Someone Left My Cake Out in the Rain" and "A Little bit of Soap Will Never Wash Away My Tears".

Helium, Jan 18 2002


       Don't Rain on my Parade   

       Raindrops keep fallin' on my head   

       Rain, rain, go away   

       It Ain't Gonna Rain no more
TeaTotal, Jan 18 2002

       Excellent idea, helium! And your first choice of music really does give it some wonderful snap.

Dirty Love (zappa)

I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

Lawrence Welk Show theme

Can't Touch This (for the brushless washes)

Here Comes the Rain Again (eurythmics)
quarterbaker, Jan 18 2002

       Sea of Love
bristolz, Jan 18 2002

       Wipe Out! (or any Dick Dale)

BTW: Didn't K-Tel release a "car wash" album once upon a time?
quarterbaker, Jan 18 2002

       I once went to the house just outside of Vienna where Beethoven supposedly got the inspiration for the 5th symphony theme (actually more of a motive, but I'd have been misunderstood if I'd used "motive" in place of "theme"). Anyway, I knocked on the door. To me, it just sounded like my knuckles on a wooden door. Of course, they may have replaced the door since the 1800s.
beauxeault, Jan 18 2002

       I like those colo(u)red lights - there are a few spectacular fountains around here in plein aire, none in car washes. Croissant bathed in a rainbow of colo(u)rs.
thumbwax, Jan 18 2002

       rather than a team of car washers sqeaking out music on your car & windscreen with sponges and squeegies
technobadger, Jan 18 2002

       Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles." Wash your car with Champagne!
snarfyguy, Jan 19 2002

       [techno] You're right, much preferable to those hairy armpits plastered on my windscreen. The only problem is they still pounce on my car regardless if I'm fresh out of the car wash.
Helium, Jan 19 2002

       there is a hotel in Stockholm, (hold ON..) the lift in which has a second row of buttons alongside the more normal floor buttons. These are labelled with different styles of music and, yes, you get to set the mood.....   

       too small for cars tho'....and too dry
jameStm, Jan 19 2002

       Can they set up a Transmitter for you to dial your AM radio into? I mean legally? Car wash music needs to be Lo-Fi.
thumbwax, Jan 19 2002

       thumbwax, I don't think AM radio would work - I know I have to push my vehicle's antenna all the way down before I let the big belt take me away, so AM reception would be pretty sketchy. Low-power FM would deliver the Lo-Fi result your are looking for if you were to use a suitably cheesy source recording.   

       Let me see, bagel, pastry, muffin, aha! here it is - croissant for you, Helium. (And please do something about that squeaky voice).   

       My preferred selection? After the Rain (Lee Oskar)
Canuck, Jan 21 2002

       ...(continued from above), the joke therein being evident only to those who know that Beethoven reportedly claimed that the inspiration for the four note motive came shortly after he had learned that he was going deaf, and his landlord's knock sounded to him like "the knock of fate on the door."
beauxeault, Jan 21 2002

       Yeah, I got that one, [bx]; didn't you see me grinning?
angel, Jan 21 2002

       "It's Raining Men" for the dance fanantic
"Purple Rain" for the foamy wax spray stuff, or more colored lights.
barnzenen, Jan 21 2002

       Handel's Water Music, of course. (All that's missing are the marionettes.)
waugsqueke, Jan 21 2002

       A croissant right back at you, helium-with-a-double-underscore, for your water- and sound-enhanced car wash, akin, but less rude, than my talking urinal...
land, Aug 13 2002

       I once thought of opening a Psychedelic Car Wash. Features would include: -Disco balls and laser art (like at bowling alleys) -Coloured lights and funkily dressed car wash attendants -Black light for when the soap suds cover the car (everything white will look neon blue or green) -A turning platform for the car to spin around on as it dries, instead of just driving slowly through the hot air dryers -and of course fucky 70's music
tango, Aug 13 2002

       Another place that would benefit from 'Ride of the Valkries.'
RayfordSteele, Aug 13 2002

       Baked. It's called a "Car Radio"...   

       Listen to CBC Radio 2 if you like, if you live in Canada.
andrewm, Feb 27 2003

       CBC Radio 2 pipe songs transmitted from Canadien Car Washes into cars already? Who'da thunk it. Not.
thumbwax, Feb 27 2003


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