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Car dashboard and office desk beauty laser

Beauty lasers actually do improve skin appearance (I read some published material). Putting a raster scanning/miniprojector with invisible beauty lasers in it that play across the face while driving gives people (commuters)two 15-30 minute beauty treatments a day. A computer does facial recognition so the laser raster scan always avoids the eyes for eye safety.
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I read there are lasers that are invisible that make people have healthy skin and be more beautiful. If you put one of those lasers in a round (=) oval form and put it on the dashboard of a car then the people will get laser beauty treatments every day, and for however many minutes (30?) they are driving, when the laser, like a barcode reading laser, scans over their face over and over again.

I know that to be a good beauty treatment the lasers, even IR lasers must bright. You can make it so the eyes are safe. Eye safety goes like this: There is now software that finds and identifies parts of faces. It is very likely these are public code libraries. Always have the software at the car dashboard beauty laser and keep lasers away from the eyeballs.

Also it could be popular. I can imagine a young woman at her desk at work, with what looks like an extra phone laying on it, or better, a streamlined puffy circle. It is not a phone though, it is a beauty laser. LIke a barcode raster scan the beauty device is scanning her face with invisible frequency beauty light all day making her more beautiful.

It is cheap because all the parts are at alibaba.com, except the face recognition (eye safety) software, for $10 as an entire miniprojector for computers or $6 for a 1D laser raster scan checkout scanner.

Note: this idea has an 11 minute story. A company that makes beauty lasers asked on Quora.com what they could do better so I suggested some things about alibaba.com and this new-to-me product to them. [link] I mentioned all my ideas are public domain. I thought I'd better post it on the halfbakery so it lapses into the public domain very predictably a year from now (today is 12/20/20).

One way to make the beauty laser better is to figure out which kinds of the very most beautifying IR are also the very best at penetrating makeup, if that is possible. Of course, if beauty lasers on the office desk and dashboard catch on they could reformulate cosmetics to be beauty laser frequency IR transparent.

beanangel, Dec 21 2020

A Chinese beauty laser company asks how they can improve at Quora https://www.quora.c...icroneedling-RF-etc
[beanangel, Dec 21 2020]

ThZ radiation reduces skin messed-upness https://www.nature.com/articles/srep02363
[beanangel, Dec 25 2020]


       Suppose you allow a 10 mm safety margin around the eyes. Suppose, for the sake of argument, that you make life easy for the laser by never turning your head to check your blind spot while driving.   

       After a few years of this, I see ever- wrinklier, ever-more liver- spotted eyelids peering out over preternaturally smooth and youthful cheeks. It would become a widely recognised and mocked cosmetic failure mode, comparable to those lips with too much botulinum toxin.
pertinax, Dec 21 2020

       [pertinax] Your concerns about eye wrinkliness are allayed somewhat by the dwelling of the raster scan version of the beauty laser. Just have a home/dwelling version so that they get get lots of IR lasers on their eye sockets and eyelids while their eyes are safely closed during sleep. There is already smartwatch software that monitors sleep stages. The beauty laser could be active only during deep sleep, when (the data trend is) they are much much less likely to stir and open their eyes.   

       (I may of may not think much, but others do): Also, artists and alternate reality contemplators might have fun thinking about the fact that lots of people were experiencing a computer "interaction" and kind of state of being only when they were _least_ likely to ever notice it. There's a lot going on - but you are definitionally unconscious.   

       It could be a little metaphorical, or maybe some rather more interesting mental construct than a metaphor, for other processes at existence. I'm striving to avoid cliches on what thinkers and artists might think of an entire alternate reality of illumination specifically tuned so that you *never* see it. Further, you are even at your least sentient/deepest sleep when it is happening.   

       Eh. Sometimes a beauty laser is just a beauty laser.   

       Also, well meaning rationalists could just take one of those IR-visibility cards people test remote controls with and hold it up in front of the beauty laser to disspell the (new, and yet to be cliche) metaphors.   

       I'm not quite sure where to put it in the bedroom, maybe clip it onto a lamp (height makes it work better). For people with design-aesthetic tastes it could be it's own thing on a stem with a base.   

       Also, it's 2020AD a great time to lighten up about the future. I mean, you could just put the beauty laser in a stuffed animal and set it on a bookcase. Or you could commidify, and put it in a mass produced overhead light fixture. Everybody's supposed to have a smoke alarm in their bedroom. Just combine a smoke alarm with a beauty laser for elevation (and batteries).
beanangel, Dec 21 2020

       Beauty being in the light of the resonator, seems a limited view of beauty. Skin health, on the other hand, has other variables to factor in.
wjt, Dec 24 2020

       //today is 12/20/20// - is that mm/dd/yy or mm/yy/dd? - either way, it’s a weird date format
hippo, Dec 24 2020

       Oregon USA December 20th, 2020 AD date
beanangel, Dec 25 2020

       //There's a lot going on - but you are definitionally unconscious.//   

       Oh. OK.   

       {last synapse turns out the lights}
pertinax, Dec 25 2020

       Sleepers don't seem like they think cliched thoughts, but:   

       Do Thz waves effect skin health and beauty, it could just as easily be a raster scan ThZ machine, but you you get to skip being concenrned about the eyes.   

       As a bizarre added bonus, if ThZ has among numerous near 1100 nanometer wavelengths any that effect people beneficially, people are partially transparent to Thz so this could cause healthy teetch and gums while commuting, as it likely easily shines through lips.   

       Some nonvisible IR lights have been found to promote healing and healthy growth.   

       If it hadn't all spontaneously appeared in public domain form, the "really really bright flashlight fingers in the mouth" IR dental products manufacturers would be competing with the ThZ dental healers. The instant the patent expired people would just put both IR light and ThZ in the same car dashboard or office desk machine.
beanangel, Dec 25 2020


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