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Laser Boogers

Bug the hell out of those you cannot stand!
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Lasers have so many uses in our modern culture. Some are used to correct vision, some work great pointing out things in board meetings, some annoy cats and other small animals, but this new laser builds self-esteem and helps the user out of sticky situations. When you find yourself confronted with an aggravating coworker, an ugly blind date, or that rude “know-it-all” friend, all you have to do is point the small and highly concealable laser at the victim’s face in a public area. The result is a projection of a booger-shaped object that is entertaining, non-removable, and highly satisfying.
beezlebum, Apr 12 2002

Information Unlimited http://www.amazing1.com/laser.htm
Laser and wet-works parts vendor [FloridaManatee, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Why laser?
bristolz, Apr 13 2002

       No possibility of wiping said laser boogers off. Everyone can see, victim is either clueless or frantic to clean off phantom boogers.
beezlebum, Apr 13 2002

       [beezlebum] Welcome to the HalfBakery.   

       This 'idea' has been Baked to ashes. Please read through the Help (under Meta, above).
phoenix, Apr 13 2002

       Uhm, what's he supposed to find there?
jutta, Apr 13 2002

       Aw, come on [jutta], [beezlebum] is suggesting using a laser pointer on someone's face to annoy them / amuse others. I simply pointed out the idea was Baked and directed her to the Help area for clarification. Are you suggesting it's worth keeping?
phoenix, Apr 14 2002

       No, but it doesn't say "don't be lame" in the help section.   

       Since there are laser pointers with special smiley-face, heart, etc. shapes, I guess the marketable version of this idea would be to have laser pointers with template shapes geared towards annoying their target -- insects, stains, scars, bullet holes, etc.   

       You could say "but simply having a laser pointer dot on you is annoying enough", and I'd agree, but by the same token having a laser pointer somewhere is visible enough -- there's no need for smiley faces.   

       Maybe the children of the people who buy the smiley faces will buy the spiders.
jutta, Jul 31 2002

       Information Unlimited have a high-intensity 532nm green laser that should work well for your purposes.   

       Have a heart guys. +
FloridaManatee, Dec 31 2002


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