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Laser Pointer Emoticons

Red light district
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I have seen heart shapes and stars and maybe an occasional smiley. But what about a complete line of different emoticons to express different emotions. A standard laser pointer fitted with a stencil wheel showing a smile, a frown, a grimace, etc.. Picture a marketing presentation in a corporate boardroom where the presentor flashes a concept presentation on-screen and asks for some feedback. Suddenly the screen is filled with tiny emoticons showing how the members of the audience feel about the different parts of the presentation. Great for expressing emotions across some distance like in a stand-up comedy act, a priest's sermon, etc..
3rdworld, Sep 24 2002


       Laser pointers belong on guns, I say
thumbwax, Sep 24 2002

       "I don't like the look of that laser sight emoticon on your forehead."   

(X X)
( L )
( O )
FarmerJohn, Sep 24 2002

       This could lead to an arms race of laser pointers. People would start packing hidden battery packs for extra intensity. Duelling laser wars could erupt, people would take sides and form alliances, plotting chess like stategies to overwhelm opposing opinion. By concentating their lightpower at single points, the screen would resemble a battlefield with burning and smoking laserholes.
ty6, Sep 24 2002

       Throwing flowers, coins or over-ripe fruit seems to be the preferred system and you don't need to carry any batteries around - unless your going to throw them as well.
DrBob, Sep 24 2002

       So carry around a pointer with a picture of flowers or rotten fruit.   

       Better yet, carry a big rotten fruit firing gun (that fits into your back pocket, of course) and use the emoticons as a laser pointer. That way, the performer will try to avoid any bad emoticons landing on him - you could chase him around the stage with your pointer.   

       Rose firing guns will be available as well.
sadie, Sep 25 2002

       A few years back I bought a laser pointer that came with some fifty different patterns, including a full range of faces from smiley to frown to mad. (i.e., Baked)
mwburden, Sep 25 2002

       To remind people it's christmas, silly.
NickTheGreat, Sep 25 2002

       And a Merry Christmas to you - Happy New Year, everybody!
thumbwax, Sep 25 2002

       Should auld acquaintance be forgot,   

       And never brought to mind?   

       Should auld acquaintance be forgot,   

       And days of auld lang syne? And days of auld lang syne, my dear,   

       And days of auld lang syne.   

       Should auld acquaintance be forgot,   

       And days of auld lang syne?   


       We twa hae run aboot the braes   

       And pu'd the gowans fine.   

       etc etc..
po, Sep 25 2002

       Hey! Its Orthodox Christmas, quick, break out the greek!
[ sctld ], Sep 25 2002

       agemisou asistola, malaka!
yamahito, Sep 25 2002


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