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Car sat nav "tour guide" mode

"And on your left, the spot where Charles I was executed"
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Car sat nav systems should have a mode in which they tell you interesting facts about the place you're driving through, similar to the commentary you get on a tour bus. Useful when you're exploring a new town.

They could also have an option where they take you on a preprogrammed guided tour of a new place.
hippo, Apr 26 2006

GUIDE Project, Lancaster Univesrity http://www.guide.la...ac.uk/overview.html
Mobile, location dependent application. Not a million miles away in terms of idea. [Jinbish, Apr 26 2006]


       "Just ahead, dead tourists curve. Where users of this system are too busy looking around and try to take the corner too fast."
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 26 2006

       ...and the river that you are just about to drive your car into is...
po, Apr 26 2006

       the Tour Of Doom..... "speed up and make a sharp left here, to re-live the spot where you go into a wall at 65 mph'.... - oooops po beat me to it
xenzag, Apr 26 2006

       Yup, don't hang around here - My theft circuits are tingling - Drive quickly along here... Quickly, quickly -- QUICKER!
Dub, Apr 26 2006


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