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Polocator System

Call to your car and it answers you.
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You're parked at a stadium or shopping center, and it’s time to find the car. Just talk -- you don’t carry any devices with you. Anyone in your family can call to the car, because the vehicle's on-board circuitry recognizes voices. And your car calls back, using a special locator response system [link].
"Marco!", you yell.
"Polo!", the car replies.
After just a couple of calls, you've found your vehicle, and you're heading home. Thanks, Polocator!
Amos Kito, Nov 11 2002

The Basis of the Maritime Reckoning System http://www.gameskid...games/marcopolo.htm
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Dec 30 2004]


       <David Hasselhoff> "Kitt? Where you get to?"
<Daft Car> "Sorry Michael, I was taking a leak"
Jinbish, Nov 11 2002

       for the romantic among us - "Cathy" "Heathcliffe" "Cathy" "Heathcliffe"
po, Nov 11 2002

phoenix, Nov 11 2002

       how sad when it comes to the end of its mechanical life and you are now the proud owner of a new, bright, flashy, shiny, sports car and you have sadly left "old faithful" at the breakers yard. you cast a last look back at your old friend. bye old friend bye bye.
"po" he cries
"bye bye"
"po, don't leave me, po"
bye, bye, <blows kiss>
po, Nov 11 2002

       ..Of course there would be many "midi voices" to select from for your cars' own personality.   

       Think how hard penguins have it. Can you just imagine if our cars socialized in the parking lot?
_Mowgli_, Nov 11 2002

"J O H N !"
"M A R Y !"
FarmerJohn, Nov 11 2002

"Dr. Scott"
ato_de, Apr 18 2003


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