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grind poetry and deliver directions
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I hardly ever use the sat-nav on my phone but recently on a visit to Rotterdam I had to find an address at midnight from the central station, via a bus then a 15 minute walk, so I sparked it into action.

The system worked fine, but there's a great opportunity here for a much more inventive narration of the journey.

Instead of bland directions delivered in a mechanical monotone, I want someone like (my favourite) poet John Cooper-Clarke or the late William Burroughs to deliver my directions, interspersed and punctuated with appropriate rhyming slang; swearing; and various other poetic colourful invective. See link for Chickentown.

xenzag, Apr 20 2019

chickentown https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3KgB-sI2H-c
anywhere in fucking chickentown [xenzag, Apr 20 2019]




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